Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What BMI really stands for

I took the day off today, I was due for a rest day after 4 straight days.  I'm going to take the day to type about the BMI or "Body Mass Index" and what a load of shit it is.   Yeah, that's right it is complete BS.  I'm sure that insurance companies love to go by it, but for anyone who actually is an athlete, has any muscle mass, or leads an overall healthy life is crap.   My BMI is at 25.1.  I am OVERWEIGHT!   yeah....ok.  I have to wear a belt with size 32 jeans...and I'm overweight?   get the f*$& out of here.

My BMI...apparently I'm overweight.

You can calculate your own BMI by the below equation or by searching online for the many calculators.

Wikipedia goes into depth about the limitations, and although they are well understood within the medical community, there are a lot of people who use this to judge how healthy they are.  This line of thinking is flawed.  The correct way would be to get your body fat percentage.

Many consumer scales have a body fat % function, but there are a lot of problems with this method too.  How much water weight you have, how much salt you eat..among others.  I encourage you to read about the limitations here but if I had to choose between this and BMI..i would always choose this.

The best way would be to get in a water tank and let an expert figure it out, but a more inexpensive way would be to use calipers.  Now, I do not know my body fat percentage, but I am considering getting the calipers so that I, and others at my box, can figure this out and use it as a way to track progress.


REST DAY.  I get to take down a tree in my back yard tonight so that will be my "active" part of the day.


I did well and badly yesterday.  I had Chinese food, but Chicken and broccoli can't be THAT bad for you right?  I then went to the movies and had a soda (first one in months) and a few hand fulls of popcorn.

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