CrossFit Dictionary

Everyone likes acronyms right?  From LOL to ROFL to BRB we have all used them.  They save a lot of time…IF EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THEY MEAN!   Throw in some industry/activity specific jargon and you might as well being speaking Japanese to a cow and expecting it to understand you.  I remember starting my job and hearing the veterans of the company talk was like listening to foreigners talk to me…then the same thing happened, albeit to a much lesser extent, when I started CrossFit.  So this post is here to help get rid of any confusion because I will use many acronyms/ jargon in this blog. 


WOD:  Workout of the Day – This is the workout you do each day at CrossFit
BTWB: Beyond the White Board – This is a website for tracking your progress
RFT: Rounds for Time – Opposite of AMRAP, you time yourself to see how long it takes to complete
AMRAP: As Many Rounds as Possible – Repeat exercise as many times as possible in set amount of time
PR: Personal Record – The best you’ve done in a specific workout
HSPU: Hand Stand Push Up – Feet are above your head and you do a hand stand push-up
DU: Double Under – Jump rope does 2 complete motions in one jump
T2B: Toe To Bar – Exercise which takes place hanging on bar and bringing your toes to the bar
K2E: Knees to Elbow – While hanging lift knees to touch your elbows.
OHS: Over Head Squat – Lock arms with barbell above head and complete a squat
KB Swings - Kettlebell Swings - Swing kettlebell over your head, concentrating on your core.
ROM - Range of Motion
SDHP - Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Other Jargon

TABATA – A form of interval training go hard for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds, repeat 6 - 8 times.
Goat – An exercise or WOD that you do poorly.  CrossFitters tend to work on their weaknesses.
The Girls – Frequently repeated workouts are usually named after girls and are great for judging progress made.
The Heroes – Workouts that are similar to the girls but are usually longer and harder.  These are named after fallen soldiers, police, firefighters. The difficulty in the workout should remind us that no matter how hard it is, what these heroes have done far outweighs the miniscule pain felt during the workout.  (Note: they can be named after males OR females)
RX’d – Prescribed weight/distance/resistance.  A  great goal as it can make workouts especially brutal.
Box – Analogous to Gym.  It is CrossFit’s way to differentiate itself.  
Pood - Weight measurment used for kettlebells.  1pood =~36 lbs = ~16.3 kg

Special thanks to CrossFit Brio for helping with many of these.