Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Love to Look at Myself....

No, not in the mirror, that is scary (really how do you all stand looking at me?).  I love video taping myself when I'm trying to make changes in something technical.  When I was on the golf team in high school we used to video tape our swing to  pick up on little glitches and I started thinking to myself the other day...why can't I do the same thing with crossfit?  

There is so much technical skill in many of the lifts that I figure it can't hurt to look at my own form to critique myself.  It is one thing to hear your coach tell you what you're doing wrong but it can really reinforce what they're saying if you can see for yourself.  With that in mind, I had Karen record me doing a clean and I am amazed at how much I am doing wrong...and equally how well I think I'm doing.  I should note here that I am not certified to know what exactly is right and wrong, so I go by the obvious stuff.  Below is my power clean video (ignore the little weight 95lbs, it is about the motion, not the weight)


1.  I am rounding my back ever so slightly when I'm starting.  I need to get more on my heels and stop rounding my back at all

2.  I am sllllloowwwww with getting my elbows out in front of the bar

3.  in the second rep, my feet go out to the sides which really messes up my balance.  You notice I almost fall.

4.  What the hell am I looking at?  I need to look more towards the ground to get my spine in proper alignment.

Now I looked at this video immediately after I did these 2 reps and I worked on my back and I felt like I was in better position.  It wasn't until tonight that I really saw the smaller stuff.  I will work on my elbow speed and my foot position.  

Any trainers out there have some tips?   



I should have gotten a picture of my sweat puddle when I got up

Time: 23:58

Not a great all.  I noticed during my KB swings that my forearms get very tired very fast.  Someday you'll see some positivity out of me.  I'm really not this negative a person, I'm really happy with the progress I've made, but I am impatient and until I am at the rx weight, I just don't know if I'll be proud of myself.  

After the workout I did some reps on the power clean which is where the video is from. 

Friday, July 29, 2011


Cholesterol is a bit of a 4 letter word in my family.  Just about every male on both sides of my family have had heart problems (at least to my knowledge).  My grandfather had a heart attack in his late 40's I believe! (I should note here that every male but one hevily smoked/s) A few years ago I got a blood test and the doctor recommended that I start taking fish oil to try and control it (if I remember correctly it was in the 190's).  Of course I bought fish oil..but never took it.  Even though I did not take the fish oil, the thought of me having a bad heart at a young age terrified me.  Am I going to live to see 70?  60?  50?  AHHH!

Fast forward to present day.  I got a blood test yesterday and to my surprise and delight, I am now in the 130's! I will get all the numbers in the mail shortly but to hear that made me very excited.  It was surprising because I have been eating eggs like it's my job in the past few months as well as some other potential higher cholesterol foods such as meats.  Although they are fairly high, I have also been eating a lot of cholesterol reducing foods such as nuts and fish.

I should also note here that my blood pressure is 120 over 80.

As a scientist I LOVE seeing objective numbers and this one just really excited me and enforced the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

Obviously life is about more than having good stats, there is a lot of luck involved, so lets keep my fingers crossed that I don't just drop dead tomorrow.


I missed the WOD this morning so I will do it at home tonight.

1600 meter run
25 Hand release push ups
1200 meter run
50 hand release push ups
800 meter run
75 hand release push ups

1600 Meters
1200 Meters

800 Meters

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not Quite an All Star So I Bought the One Star

Shoe fetishes are something normally left to the ladies but recently I am finding that I have more shoes than Karen.  The only difference is that most of my shoes are not worn on a regular basis.  They are activity specific. Below is a list of the shoes that I own.
  • Running Shoes
  • Yard work shoes
  • Golf shoes
  • Bike shoes
  • Metal baseball cleats
  • Rubber baseball cleats
  • brown dress shoes
  • flat black dress shoes
  • Glossy black Dress Shoes
  •  Jeans Sneakers
  • Shower flip flops
  • Brown leather flip flops
  • and finally the newest addition..lifting shoes (converse one star)
Only one star....not an all star

Previously I had mentioned that I was doing much of my strength exercise barefooted because I felt it was easier to stay on my heel, well that has changed now.  Walking through Target the other day I had noticed some shoes that looked similar to the classic converse all stars, but since they were target they were called converse one stars.  One stars is the perfect name for me, I'm not qualified to be an "all-star" yet.  Regardless of name, they have definitely helped in my lifting (mostly cause it is saving me some socks).  But during the workout yesterday I tried wearing them during a run and I can not believe that basketball players once wore these things.  It felt like I was running with weights on my feet and there was zero support!  So now I know not to wear them during anything that involves a run.


Wed WOD:  15 min AMRAP OHS and run 200 m every time you drop it
I got 80 reps in at 75 pounds.  I need to work on my OHS, my wrists kill while doing it.

Thurs: WOD  3-3-3-3-3 weighted Pull ups.  then 2 min box jumps
I completed the Pull-ups at 5-15-20-25-30 lbs and did 46-24" box jumps in 2 min

Wed marked 100 days since I began CrossFit and I am totally psyched with the results I have seen.  I have a crap ton more work to do, but progress is always being made.  I have to remember that I went from 0 weight training to some fairly vigorous weight training and can't expect to lift a car in a week.  It's only been 3 months!  Let's hope I can keep it going for  the next 12 and see some real improvement!  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Which Phillie Would be The Best at CrossFit?

This is a question that popped in my head while I was watching Doc own the Padres on Sunday.  Of course all the Phillies players, Iron Pigs, Thrashers, Phillies Dominican league players...they would all beat the crap out of me at just about any CrossFit workout but I am trying to Narrow it down here!

First, the honorable mention players.

Roy Halladay: This guy has legs like tree trunks and a work ethic that rivals anyone (or so I'm told by reporters).  He never quits and tries to go the distance during every start.  He would have been in the top 3 had he not had that lil heat problem in Chicago.

Choooooooooch:  Even though he's the man..and the most hilarious post game interview in the history of earth, he just is not in my top 3 potential crossfitters.

Ryan Howard:  yeah he's a tank.  yeah he's diesel.  But he's alos a big teddy bear, yeah I said it.  His smile just makes me think he's too nice to really kill the workouts.  If he had some more outbursts like he did on that asshat ump last year that tossed him I would put him in the top 3, maybe even number 1!
You don't piss off the big piece 
My top 3

3.  Jimmy Rollins:  He's the man to beat.  He's fast, super strong, and has a heart of a champion.  I think he can do anything fast.  He is losing some points for thinking he can do anything.  Come on Red chose Jimmy Rollins to try and break the batted ball record?  Red Bull would have to give Jimmy more than wings, that ball needed a rocket attached to it to have any chance at all.

2.  Chase Utley:  If you know me, you'd be shocked that I have him at number 2 but I just can't look past that knee.  I do think he would do every single workout unbroken.  Why?  Cause chase Utley does not quit, that's why.  Harry Kalas called him the man which is more than enough to put him ahead of the rest of the Phils.

1.  Shane Victorino:   Just let his A.D.D. kick in and this guy will fly.  He's strong, cut, FAST, and has heart.  I know he hates to lose so he would not quit.  Have I mentioned how fast he is?  The crossfit workouts tie in well with his attention deficit disorder, by the time he  loses interest in one workout it will be time to move on to the next movement.  It's ideal for him!
They guy is CRAZY!

I'll put my trainer on the line here (he won't mind...I hope, and it's not like any Phillie would ever read this)  but if any of these Phillies can beat him in Fran I'll donate 250 Bucks to their charity. (Limit 1 Phillie and only if Mike accepts)


Strength: 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+ of Shoulder Press
WOD:  5 Rounds of 5 dead lifts then 10 burpees
then 2 minute AMRAP of a goat

Strength: Did 5 reps of the 95% weight!
WOD   : 5:28 at 195 lbs ( I wanted to do rx, but I would have hurt my back...bad.  Glad Mike downgraded me.


I know I've been bad at reporting my diets.  I'll get back to this soon.  It hasn't changed much, lots of eggs and salad.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Eyes are Bigger than My Muscles

Like most guys I am always trying to convince myself that my “muscles” are bigger than they  really are. ;-)   I did so well at pacing myself up until about a week ago, I tried to ignore the prescribed weight and stick to what I could do.  Of course I would push my own personal limits but I didn’t do something that did not allow me to do the workout.   Then the last 2 weeks happened, I got a little ahead of myself and I’m seeing the negative results because of it.  My number of reps is decreasing and I think my cardio is as well because I'm not constantly moving.  

 Recently I am catching myself trying to do RX’d workouts when I have no reason to do so.  I can do a 2 pood kettle bell…but not for 20 reps.  I can back squat 135 lbs…but not for 100 reps.  I have to stop trying to do prescribed and keep gradually working my way to it.   Sigh.  (I’m starting to get really frustrated with myself, I have to find a way to keep patient) 


Strength: 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+ Back squat then 92% squat cleans
WOD: 400m 45lb sled pull then with remaining time amrap 10 KB swings, 5 HSPU

Strength: Was able to do 3 of my 95% weight.  I’ll kill my max next time we do it. 
WOD  I sucked.  1 +5  I could not do the HSPU so that 1 is questionable.  I need to stick with 1.5 pood for a lil while.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm a sissy

One of my many, many goals in crossfit is to go to be able to compete in a competition and do relatively well, meaning that I do all workouts prescribed and I do them to the best of my ability.  So this past Saturday Karen, Dave, and myself decided to head to West Chester for the Lockdown competition.  4 guys and a girl from CrossFit 610 were competing and I wanted to show my support while also judging how far I need to go to be able to do well in a competition.  Here is what I learned.  I am a weak lil sissy and  I have VERY VERY VERY far to go before I’m anywhere near the level some of these gyus are on.  Even the “weakest” competitor would destroy me in every single workout (except for the final WOD, which I think I could do well with, but prolly not after 11 other WODS). 

Dennis is on the leftand all the competitors are on the right.

It was very awesome to watch though, I wish I could have stayed longer but the group with me wanted to leave (and good thing cause I passed out on the way home).  In the end trainer Mike took away First place!  His wife Molly took second in the women’s competition which is awesome!  The other members of CrossFit 610 also did amazing. 

What do I have to do to get to the competition level?  Well, one of 2 things.  Either be patient and try to get in one next summer when I have reached all my fitness goals or contact Mark McGuire and have him recommend me a doctor so I can be there in like October.  Considering that I like the size of my balls and I don’t feel like buying a bunch of new hats, I think I’ll go the natural route.  

What I am going to do though is more than just the one WOD a day.  I need to work harder and do a hell of a lot more than I am so I can get my cardio and strength up to par.  Two a days have to start happening and I also have to start getting on the rower after each and every workout.   I am starting to want more than just to be fit, I want to be a competitor.  

Only 2 weeks left of the best fit of your life Challenge!

Friday WOD:  3 rounds of 50 double unders, 20 KB swings

I tried to do 2 pood but it was just too much.  My grip is nowhere near where it needs to be.  I also really need to continue practicing my double unders.  Completed in 14:10 which is just pitiful.  

Saturday WOD:  7 muscle ups (7 ring dips, 7 ring rows), 21 SDLHP (Sumo Dead Lift High Pull)  14:49  

I felt great during this workout and really busted my ass to finish before 15 min.  I did a purple band for the ring dips which I'm a little embarrassed about since I think I can do them without it.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Listen to your Body

One thing I am slowly learning it to listen to my body...which should not be confused with listening to the voices in your head.  I do not want to injure myself because I'm stubborn and try to work through something. This is especially true when I go for 3 days in a row and plan on going the next 3 days.  People can make all the "pain" quotes they want, but there is a big difference between uncomfortableness from working hard, and true pain.  True pain should not be ignored. If you feel true pain should should rest, ice, stretch (carefully), or see a physician/talk with your trainer.  Waking up stiff (haha) or a lil sore can be ignored.  You should know the difference.

Today I woke up and had a pretty intense pain in my left back shoulder blade, now this is not something that would typically bother me but yesterday when we were doing the pull ups I was favoring my right shoulder which I think put some extra strain on my left arm.  I thought nothing of it til taking deep breaths was a problem this morning. It's not that I cant breathe so don't get concerned, it just expands my chest which moves the muscle.  I typically heal from these type of things in just a day so I'm not too worried and I think it will be good to go tomorrow.  I might try to get 2 separate workouts in tomorrow, one with a long row.  I need to burn a little bit more fat right now.


Took the day off to rest, but did some yard work to stay a lil loose.


Ate well today.  Got a solid 14 points.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Note from Dennis Past

Finally I have a few minutes to get out and say something.  Do you know what this loser Dennis has been doing?  He has been neglecting his god given right to eat delicious fast food while watching every Phillies game.  He had every reason to use John Kruk’s physique as a goal.
This is where Dennis was Headed.
Then he started this whole crossfit nonsense.  Do you know what he did yesterday?  Let me tell you.  He did not pack a lunch so he had to run out for something or starve.  I thought for sure I was finally going to taste some delicious Wendy’s, and it was hot out so I thought there would even be a frosty!  We pulled into the shopping complex with the Wendy’s, parked and then went into a grocery store! Who does that?  It is so convenient to just go right through that drive through and this jerk walks into a grocery store where he has to make his own salad and choose his own fruit. 

THEN! When he got home he got into bed and again I thought I was going to get that sweet radiation from the boob tube.  Did I?  NO!  He did some cleaning, took care of a wound from dodgeball and THEN went to a WOD.  Who is this guy?  What happened to us?  We used to be so close. 

I feel like I am days away from hearing the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech from you. 

Ok sorry about that little tid bit from my former self; below is the WOD


Strength: Shoulder press 70% x 3; 80% x 3; 90% x 3+
WOD:  800 m run THEN 3 rounds of 30 Back Squats then 30 Abmat Sit ups

Strength:  Because I did not feel like doing math I just assumed my max was 100 instead of 95 which it actually is BUT it worked out well!  I did 4 of 90 lbs which I think is great!

WOD:  I started at the prescribed weight (135) but could only do 10 before taking 20 lbs off of it.  So I continued at 115lbs throughout.  I finished with a time of 22:35.  I am a little disappointed in myself for not being able to do prescribed.


I ate well today after a few days of not being so great.  I got 12 points today which includes the points for water, 5 meals, and fewer than 5 hours between meals.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Censored Title

I have been placed on the asshole list.  Yes, I know, it surprised me too.   Who would have thought someone who remembers everything, and ALWAYS cleans up after himself would end up the first one on the asshole list (at the new location).  Karen was definitely the most shocked.
At least there was someone else there with me.

Okay,  I hope you picked up on that sarcasm cause I was laying it on pretty thick.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the workout, or in talking to people at the gym that I will forget to do something.  I also just plain forget some stuff at the gym.  I have forgot my phone twice, my water bottle a few dozen times, and finally on Friday I forgot my shoes.  How does one forget their shoes?  Well, I don’t have a good answer to that, but I do know that I showed up on Saturday to stretch and my name was #1 on the asshole list.  I had a penalty of 10 burpees, which are not fun.  I added them to the end of my workout today.  


Strength: 70% x 3; 80% x 3; 90% x 3+ Back Squat then 7 x 1 Squat Cleans at 89% of 1 rep max


Strength: Got 5 of the 90% weight and did well on the Squat Cleans.

WOD:  196 total reps.  DL weight was 185lbs (I may have put too much on this)


 6 points on the day.  I did not have 2 meals so no bonus points for me, but I continue drinking more than enough water.

This is a long one

That’s what she said.

They say that “behind every great man is a great woman” but there are way more great women in the world than great men.  This leaves some of us “average Joe’s” with great women (woo hoo!).  I am one of these average Joe’s who has been blessed with an incredibly supportive woman.  The importance of having a loved one around cannot be understated; most people just cannot do a rigorous workout program without the support of those closest to them.  In my case, this happens to be my wife who wakes up at 5am on Sunday mornings to come cheer me on.  Waking up that early on a weekend was certainly not in our vows but she does it anyway.  I cannot thank her enough for doing it, I always get a boost in the transition area hearing her yelling for me. You can see her blog here 

Weekend WOD's

This past weekend I was supposed to do a triathlon…but the bike portion of the race got cancelled because the race organizer (Piranha Sports) FAILED to do their due diligence and make sure there was no construction planned for the weekend of the race. (Side Note: I will never do a Piranha sports event again unless I am compensated for this travesty of a race, I encourage you to do the same) I was none too pleased, but decided to do the aquathon or whatever BS word they used to make us feel better.  After delivering a long profanity laced rant to whoever would listen I warmed up for the 650 meter swim and 3 mile run. 
Artist rendition of me on Sunday Morning

The swim went well, I bettered my pace from the Philly tri and was out of the water in 15 minutes and some change.  I actually felt like I was getting stronger as the swim went on and really hit my stride in the last 100 meters or so.  I sprinted to the transition area to throw on my running shoes and head onto the run course.  I felt amazing going into the run; I was breathing well and keeping a steady stride.  Of course some competitors started passing me which was expected due to the run being my worst event, but I was holding my own.  I finished the 5k course in 23:48 seconds which bettered my PR by about 4 minutes!  To my surprise I held a pace of about 7 minutes 45 seconds per mile!  This is by far the best pace I’ve ever kept. 

By place, I came in 40th out of 76 competitors…not so horrible.  But in my age group I again came in last (4th) 7 seconds…beat by a friend of mine….who passed me with about 300 yards to go.  My kick just could not keep up with his (damn these stubby legs!).  The USAT age rules killed me as I am 29 years old right now, but because my birthday has yet to happen this year I am put in the 30-34 group.  I would have won the 25-29 year old group who only had 3 people in it (I would have been the 4th)!  Oh well, in such a small field there is really not too much bragging room in winning.  In my mind, I far exceeded one my running goal (to get under a 9 minute mile pace) and just barely exceeded my swim goal of finishing in less than 16 minutes.  Win for me…but still lots of improvement to be made…time to raise my goals to the next level!


Eating this weekend was a fail, but I would not put it in the epic category.  I ate good food for the most part, but I ate a LOT of good food.  Saturday I had a 20 ounce NY strip steak at home and Sunday a friend had a gift card to Shula’s so I had a 24 oz porterhouse.  These portions were WAY too big.  Sure they were paleo, but a caveman would survive for 5 days on just those 2 steaks.  The good news was that they were delicious!  I still have to update my points and you’ll see them below. 

Sat: 8 points
Sun: -1 points
I got 3 workouts in this week for 0 points bonus.  

Friday, July 15, 2011

There is No Rest For the Wicked

Yesterday, as expected, was an off day.  I wanted to go swimming but did not get home until past 8pm and decided that I was going to just make it a rest day. 

It was the right choice.

Are rest days meant to be lazy?
This is close to how I felt yesterday.

No, typically they are not, although sometimes you might NEED one.  I talked to Trainer Evan about this the other day cause I was curious if he ever took a “rest day”.  He mentioned that he and Mike typically take active rest days.  If that sounds oxymoronish well…it is.  

What he meant by that is that he will not do a WOD or any strength exercises but he will spend the day doing a row, a run, or spend some time stretching. 

This should make sense; a healthy body was not meant to loaf around.  A part of every day should be spent doing some sort of physical activity, but it does not need to be intense.  I like to spend my “rest” days doing something fun like golfing of playing softball.  Trainer Mike goes on a long walk with his companion (Striker…not Molly). 

So take the time to “rest” but remember rest does not have to mean loaf….although sometimes loafing is the most amazing thing you can do.

Today I honestly felt strong for the first time (obviously that is not me above).  I did not do prescribed but I know I could have (I needed to get the form of this lift down before doing that weight).  There are days where I am the weakest person at the gym…today I knew was not one of them.

Strength: 5 x 5 From Squats
WOD: Grace - 30 Clean and Jerks for time (135/95)
Strength:  Started at 95 and made it all the way to 165 (ok I might be the weakest one on this lift)
Grace:  5:23 at 115 lbs


Yesterday I got 10 points;  Today I am on track for 11.

Snack(2): Plum, Protein
Breakfast (-2): Berries
Snack(2): Grapes, Cashews
Lunch (3): Chicken, mixed vegetables
Dinner (3): Grilled Chicken, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Grilled Squash in Olive Oil

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Run Dennis...Runnnnnn

I'm way too tired to write a long post about one thing or the other, so I'll just go into my workout.


Strength 7 x 1 86% of 1RM full Snatch
WOD  Run 1 mile for time then rest 3 minutes before doing a 4 minute AMRAP of one of your goats

Strength:  I think I am slowly starting to get used to doing this motion.  I felt a TON better than I did when I first did it last week.  I felt like my max was a little low, but more practice is needed to get this technical motion down.  

I did the 1 mile run in 8:06 and then did 56 ring dips (with the purple band)

The ring dips are a big goat for me because I would like to be able to do a muscle up in the relatively near future (next 3 months).  My triceps were burning afterward!  It was a good burn though.
I'm last on the list..almost missed class!

Breakfast (3): 3 HB Eggs, grapes, strawberries, nuts
Lunch (3)     :  chicken garden salad with balsamic dressing, carrots, blueberries
Snack (2)    : Plum, nuts
Snack(2)     : Protein
Dinner(2)    : Mixed veggies, taco turkey meat (no taco shells)

Total: 14 points on the day (there were 2 of the "bonus" points)

Gotta take tomorrow off because of a big meeting at work that requires me to get in a little early and to stay a little late.  No big deal, I already have 2 wod's and 2 good bike rides in so my body can use the day to repair itself.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Wetter the Better

From childhood we all know that we're made mostly of water.  According to the mayo clinic, we are made up of approximately 60% water!  That is almost 2/3 of our body weight made of water.  Our cells need it to be healthy, our brain needs it to work properly, our skin needs it to not crack, and for our workouts our muscles need it to stay cool.  Below are some important functions of water in the body.
  • Regulates our body temperature
  • Carries vital nutrients (and lots of protein) to the muscles that need it
  • Helps keep us regular (I can vouch for this)
  • Helps our kidney's and liver function more effectively by aiding in flushing contaminants out.

How much water should you drink?

This question is kind of tough to answer.  Some baseline estimates for a person who is not working out too hard is 8, 8oz glasses of water a day but some recommend more.  Males typically need more at about 13 cups a day while females are at around 9.  Much more if you workout heavily and sweat a lot.  You have to also remember that you also get some water from the food you eat, the more fruits and veggies the more water you will get from your food.  A good gauge to make sure your hydrated is to look at your urine, if it has a light yellow or clear color to it, then you're fine....but if it is dark yellow or orange and has a strong smell then you are likely underhydrating and not allowing the body to work most effectively.

Tips for drinking water

Carry a naglene bottle full of water with you, they are lightweight and carry 32 ounces of water in them.  My wife is a recovering nalgene addict but swears by how easy they make drinking water.  In fact, she weighs herself every morning and makes sure to drink at least half her weight in ounces each day, much of it out of a nalgene bottle.  I have since adopted the same policy, partly because of her but partly because of the fitness challenge.  It might also help to add some fruit slices to your water, I love a few strawberry slices in mine to give it a little flavor.  What kind of tips do you have?


That Bitch Angie.  I've decided that I will never name a child Angie cause every time I hear her name I will want to scream.  But I have improved my time by 3+ minutes annnnnd bested my most pull-ups in a row mark with 20!! (seen Below)

Strength:  Shoulder Press 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5
WOD:  Angie (100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats)

Strength I felt good and completed the sets.
WOD: 26:39
I think I love this picture and I don't know why.

Breakfast (3): HB egg, strawberries, blueberries, nuts
Lunch (3)    : chicken garden salad, carrots
Snack(3)    : nuts, plum, egg
Snack(2)   : grapes, protein
Dinner (3)  : chicken, cauliflower, broccoli

17 points on the day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Those Boys from Across the Pond Got a lot Right.

When you choose what workout you do there are two things to remember.  All you need is love (for the workout) and with a little help from your friends you can achieve your goals.  I know many people who do workouts that are not crossfit who acheive their goals and they always have those two things going for them.

First of all, you have to enjoy what you're doing.  How many people can do an activity every day and hate doing it?  Sure they can keep up the act for a week, or maybe even a few weeks if they are stubborn.  Whether it is P90X, Yoga, Running, Swimming or just jumping up and down in place  if you enjoy doing it then you're more likely to do it every day.  If you hate everything athletic then well maybe you need to change your attitude!
Do what makes you happy

Another tip to keep working out is to surround yourself with people who are also very active.  I'm not trying to tell you to cut your lazy friends loose, but maybe  make some active friends to supplement your lazy friends.  I am very fortunate to have a wife who is very dedicated to being healthy, and along with her support I also have a group of friends who can not sit still and have to constantly do something.  I've hiked, fribee'd, starting biking, running a bit, traveling...and a number of other activities that I can not think of right now due only because of my friends.  So since many read this, THANK YOU!


I took my third day in a row off of Crossfit...eeek.  but I had a good reason today, I did a 20 mile bike ride after work..and it was a hilly ride!  I have a triathlon this Sunday so there will be some rides to loosen me up this week.
Where I was

Ate well today!
Breakfast: HB Eggs, blueberries, nuts, grapes
Lunch: Salad, protein shake, salad dressing
Snack: Egg, Plum, Nuts
Dinner: Chicken, Strawberries, Broccoli
Snack: Protein, blueberries

15 points today.  Sleep has not happened well for me recently!  oh no!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 25: Get Low, Get Low, Get Low, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Why is one of the whitest people in america posting a lil jon video?    It is because during his lifts he has to always remember to get his ass to the floor.

During many of the full squat strength exercises I find that it hurts to get super low, or that I just do not trust myself enough to keep my balance.  This mornings lift was really technical, the full squat snatch.  It involves lifting the bar from the ground and performing an overhead squat (essentially), but the minor details of the lift are what gets me.  You have to jerk the bar up and then squat under it and lift yourself.  Sounds simple right?   Nope.  You want to "catch" the bar when you are at your full squat position.  I repeatedly would catch the bar too high and have to repeat the squat.  Not fun to use double the energy.  Below is a video of someone doing it correctly..well I think it's correctly.

The moral of the story is that you have to get low to do the snatch right.  (It never gets old)


25 minutes to find 1 rep max of full squat Snatch
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of HR Push-ups, T2B, DU

1 rep max: 95lbs (spent a lot of time trying ot figure out this lift)
WOD time: 17:54


Yesterday I did not post but I did get 14 points

Snack(2 points): Protein, Grapes
Breakfast (3 pts): Ham Omelet, watermelon, nuts
Lunch (3 pts) : ham salad, mixed nuts, blueberries
Snack(2pts) : carrots, nuts (expected)
Dinner(2 pts): Ground turkey taco meat, broccoli, cauliflower (expected)

+1 for water, meals, hour between meals

Anticipated total: 15 points

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 22: Weight Gain Through Years

Weight was never a problem for me through my teenage years and through my early 20's.  I was that dude who could eat whatever he wanted and not put on a  pound...then I graduated college and got a desk job.  It wasn't so bad at first, I remained at around 140 pounds with only minor fluctuations.  Then slowly I started putting on some weight:

2008: 145
2009: 160
2010: 170
2011: 187

Almost 45 pounds in about 3 years!!!!   I never really cared, I thought I looked okay (at least okay enough to have a girl want to marry me).  Then people started making comments and I felt like butt.  In softball I couldn't stretch a single into a double anymore, going for short jogs had me grasping for air.

Fast forward to present day.  Today's workout had me finding some one rep max's for a few lifts and then running three 800m times runs.  I did not feel like death, I actually felt really good after the runs.  But what I really wanted to show you all is the before and after photos of myself.  I am by no means cut, but there has been some improvements.  Try to keep the laughter to a minimum for now.

I am not flexing in the second, or bloating myself in the first.

30 minutes to find one rep max of back squat and full squat clean
Run 800 meters 3 times with 3 minute break between

Back squat: got to 215 pounds (PERSONAL BEST BY 30 Pounds!)
Full squat clean: got to 145 pounds
800 Meter Run:  First: 2:54 Second: 2:56  Third: 2:51


Breakfast (3): 3 HB eggs, grapes, strawberries
Lunch (2)     :  1 egg, salad, cashews
Snack (2)     : peach, cashews, protein shake
PW Snack (2): Protein
Dinner (2)      : chicken, broccoli

Water, <5 hours, 5 meals, sleep  all +1

15 points total

Weekly Totals 

I went to 5 WODs last week for the 20 bonus points!

Week 3: 99 points 
Week 2: 80 points
Week 1: 115 points

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Weekend - Falling off the Wagon Hurts

All around this past weekend was Amazing, one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.  Accomplished a lot around the house, had a few great workouts and hung with friends.  Food wise....yeah not as great.  I did poorly with my food.  Ice Cream, wings, soft pretzels...I could not avoid them.  They are three of my favorite things and they were in front of me a lot.  In fact one of the more hilarious conversations took place because of the ice cream.

Dennis (holding a pint of ice cream): This is my last spoonful
Jackie:   Wow Dennis, you really have some self control
Dennis:  no...It's because there is none left.

I downed a pint of ice cream in about 15 minutes.  14 year old girls who just got dumped could not compete with me.  I'd have beaten Kobiyashi in eating ice cream.  I couldn't help was SO DELICIOUS!  

So what now? How do you recover from food infidelity?'s like riding a have to have a short memory and just get right back on.  You have to know how to forget when it comes to dieting, you're gonna make mistakes.  If you stress over them it will cause more harm than good.  So this week, I will forget that happened.  I'll lose the points and just get on getting on.  

End of the bike ride

Saturday my wife, a friend and myself rode the bike trail from Valley Forge park to the Philadelphia museum of art.  It was by far the longest ride of my life at 44 miles round trip.  Trip details can be found here.

The Ride

Sunday was partner WOD day at Crossfit610 and it was a fun one actually.  While one partner held a position the other had to do as many reps as possible of a motion.


I did the prescribed motion!!!  I can now do the 95lb push press which is really exciting for me.  I'm moving up in weights very quickly now, even as I am not losing a lot of weight.


a mess.  I did not add up the points yet, but Sunday is likely <10 and Saturday is prolly a lot of the same.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 19: Things Every CrossFitter Should Own...Even Though I don't

Every sport has some basic equipment you should own so you can practice on your own.  In baseball you need a glove, hockey..a stick, in basketball all you need is a ball (although a hoop is nice to have close) but what about CrossFit?  It's billed as a sport, and unlike running, you need more than just a pair of shoes to do  most of the workouts.  Below is a quick list of some stuff I think you should own (and I should get as well).

PVC Pipe

a 6 foot length of 1 inch diameter pvc pipe will certainly not break the bank, but practicing with it could help avoid a broken back.  During every class that involves a lift, whether the first time or the hundredth, the instructor should go over proper technique using no weight first.  Sometimes you feel silly doing a dead lift with PVC but it will help get into the proper position.

By practicing with the pipe you can train your body to get into the right position and stretch the muscles involved.  In turn, using proper for you can lift more weight.  Who knew a 3 lb piece of PVC could help so much?

Lacrosse Ball

This is another inexpensive piece of equipment that could limit the pain involved in recovering after a tough workout.  Using a lacrosse ball and the mobility WOD blog you can really help stretch your muscles before and after a tough workout.  I use a baseball on my legs often to help get rid of shinsplints and to loosen up my upper legs before a softball game.

Resistance Band

This is also useful in stretching as it adds some resistance to the motions you make.  Using this band in pull-ups, ring dips, and arm stretches can vastly improve your ability and help you accomplish some of the short term goals you have at your box.

Jump Rope

Help get your cardio on!   Double unders are more a skill than a strength.  Sure as you get stronger you'll be able to do more but I have seen many a strong person not able to do more than about 5 of these in a row. Practicing double unders can really help bring down your time in workouts that involve the jump rope.  Set minor goals for yourself.

Those are, what I think, the most important little things you can have around your house that can help you become a better crossfitter and cut down on workout times.  Of course, if you want to get more advanced a pull-up bar, medicine ball, and kettlebell wouldn't hurt to have around.  :-)

Do you keep anything around the house that helps you in your workouts?


Softball game.  I have done crossfit for 4 straight days and I think I'm going to let my body recover today.  tomorrow Karen (digital mustard) and I are going to bike ride from Valley Forge Park to the Art Museum in Philadelphia!  I'm really excited for that, pictures will be taken.


I'll go into this tomorrow.  I'm off to a good start today and I expect to end well.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July holiday.  Don't blow off any limbs...that will really hurt your workout times!