Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Note from Dennis Past

Finally I have a few minutes to get out and say something.  Do you know what this loser Dennis has been doing?  He has been neglecting his god given right to eat delicious fast food while watching every Phillies game.  He had every reason to use John Kruk’s physique as a goal.
This is where Dennis was Headed.
Then he started this whole crossfit nonsense.  Do you know what he did yesterday?  Let me tell you.  He did not pack a lunch so he had to run out for something or starve.  I thought for sure I was finally going to taste some delicious Wendy’s, and it was hot out so I thought there would even be a frosty!  We pulled into the shopping complex with the Wendy’s, parked and then went into a grocery store! Who does that?  It is so convenient to just go right through that drive through and this jerk walks into a grocery store where he has to make his own salad and choose his own fruit. 

THEN! When he got home he got into bed and again I thought I was going to get that sweet radiation from the boob tube.  Did I?  NO!  He did some cleaning, took care of a wound from dodgeball and THEN went to a WOD.  Who is this guy?  What happened to us?  We used to be so close. 

I feel like I am days away from hearing the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech from you. 

Ok sorry about that little tid bit from my former self; below is the WOD


Strength: Shoulder press 70% x 3; 80% x 3; 90% x 3+
WOD:  800 m run THEN 3 rounds of 30 Back Squats then 30 Abmat Sit ups

Strength:  Because I did not feel like doing math I just assumed my max was 100 instead of 95 which it actually is BUT it worked out well!  I did 4 of 90 lbs which I think is great!

WOD:  I started at the prescribed weight (135) but could only do 10 before taking 20 lbs off of it.  So I continued at 115lbs throughout.  I finished with a time of 22:35.  I am a little disappointed in myself for not being able to do prescribed.


I ate well today after a few days of not being so great.  I got 12 points today which includes the points for water, 5 meals, and fewer than 5 hours between meals.  

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