Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 22: Weight Gain Through Years

Weight was never a problem for me through my teenage years and through my early 20's.  I was that dude who could eat whatever he wanted and not put on a  pound...then I graduated college and got a desk job.  It wasn't so bad at first, I remained at around 140 pounds with only minor fluctuations.  Then slowly I started putting on some weight:

2008: 145
2009: 160
2010: 170
2011: 187

Almost 45 pounds in about 3 years!!!!   I never really cared, I thought I looked okay (at least okay enough to have a girl want to marry me).  Then people started making comments and I felt like butt.  In softball I couldn't stretch a single into a double anymore, going for short jogs had me grasping for air.

Fast forward to present day.  Today's workout had me finding some one rep max's for a few lifts and then running three 800m times runs.  I did not feel like death, I actually felt really good after the runs.  But what I really wanted to show you all is the before and after photos of myself.  I am by no means cut, but there has been some improvements.  Try to keep the laughter to a minimum for now.

I am not flexing in the second, or bloating myself in the first.

30 minutes to find one rep max of back squat and full squat clean
Run 800 meters 3 times with 3 minute break between

Back squat: got to 215 pounds (PERSONAL BEST BY 30 Pounds!)
Full squat clean: got to 145 pounds
800 Meter Run:  First: 2:54 Second: 2:56  Third: 2:51


Breakfast (3): 3 HB eggs, grapes, strawberries
Lunch (2)     :  1 egg, salad, cashews
Snack (2)     : peach, cashews, protein shake
PW Snack (2): Protein
Dinner (2)      : chicken, broccoli

Water, <5 hours, 5 meals, sleep  all +1

15 points total

Weekly Totals 

I went to 5 WODs last week for the 20 bonus points!

Week 3: 99 points 
Week 2: 80 points
Week 1: 115 points

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