Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Eyes are Bigger than My Muscles

Like most guys I am always trying to convince myself that my “muscles” are bigger than they  really are. ;-)   I did so well at pacing myself up until about a week ago, I tried to ignore the prescribed weight and stick to what I could do.  Of course I would push my own personal limits but I didn’t do something that did not allow me to do the workout.   Then the last 2 weeks happened, I got a little ahead of myself and I’m seeing the negative results because of it.  My number of reps is decreasing and I think my cardio is as well because I'm not constantly moving.  

 Recently I am catching myself trying to do RX’d workouts when I have no reason to do so.  I can do a 2 pood kettle bell…but not for 20 reps.  I can back squat 135 lbs…but not for 100 reps.  I have to stop trying to do prescribed and keep gradually working my way to it.   Sigh.  (I’m starting to get really frustrated with myself, I have to find a way to keep patient) 


Strength: 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+ Back squat then 92% squat cleans
WOD: 400m 45lb sled pull then with remaining time amrap 10 KB swings, 5 HSPU

Strength: Was able to do 3 of my 95% weight.  I’ll kill my max next time we do it. 
WOD  I sucked.  1 +5  I could not do the HSPU so that 1 is questionable.  I need to stick with 1.5 pood for a lil while.  

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  1. I hate not feeling progress. I think that's why I hate running so much. You're doing great though...so proud of you and Karen both!