Thursday, July 21, 2011

Listen to your Body

One thing I am slowly learning it to listen to my body...which should not be confused with listening to the voices in your head.  I do not want to injure myself because I'm stubborn and try to work through something. This is especially true when I go for 3 days in a row and plan on going the next 3 days.  People can make all the "pain" quotes they want, but there is a big difference between uncomfortableness from working hard, and true pain.  True pain should not be ignored. If you feel true pain should should rest, ice, stretch (carefully), or see a physician/talk with your trainer.  Waking up stiff (haha) or a lil sore can be ignored.  You should know the difference.

Today I woke up and had a pretty intense pain in my left back shoulder blade, now this is not something that would typically bother me but yesterday when we were doing the pull ups I was favoring my right shoulder which I think put some extra strain on my left arm.  I thought nothing of it til taking deep breaths was a problem this morning. It's not that I cant breathe so don't get concerned, it just expands my chest which moves the muscle.  I typically heal from these type of things in just a day so I'm not too worried and I think it will be good to go tomorrow.  I might try to get 2 separate workouts in tomorrow, one with a long row.  I need to burn a little bit more fat right now.


Took the day off to rest, but did some yard work to stay a lil loose.


Ate well today.  Got a solid 14 points.

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