Monday, July 18, 2011

This is a long one

That’s what she said.

They say that “behind every great man is a great woman” but there are way more great women in the world than great men.  This leaves some of us “average Joe’s” with great women (woo hoo!).  I am one of these average Joe’s who has been blessed with an incredibly supportive woman.  The importance of having a loved one around cannot be understated; most people just cannot do a rigorous workout program without the support of those closest to them.  In my case, this happens to be my wife who wakes up at 5am on Sunday mornings to come cheer me on.  Waking up that early on a weekend was certainly not in our vows but she does it anyway.  I cannot thank her enough for doing it, I always get a boost in the transition area hearing her yelling for me. You can see her blog here 

Weekend WOD's

This past weekend I was supposed to do a triathlon…but the bike portion of the race got cancelled because the race organizer (Piranha Sports) FAILED to do their due diligence and make sure there was no construction planned for the weekend of the race. (Side Note: I will never do a Piranha sports event again unless I am compensated for this travesty of a race, I encourage you to do the same) I was none too pleased, but decided to do the aquathon or whatever BS word they used to make us feel better.  After delivering a long profanity laced rant to whoever would listen I warmed up for the 650 meter swim and 3 mile run. 
Artist rendition of me on Sunday Morning

The swim went well, I bettered my pace from the Philly tri and was out of the water in 15 minutes and some change.  I actually felt like I was getting stronger as the swim went on and really hit my stride in the last 100 meters or so.  I sprinted to the transition area to throw on my running shoes and head onto the run course.  I felt amazing going into the run; I was breathing well and keeping a steady stride.  Of course some competitors started passing me which was expected due to the run being my worst event, but I was holding my own.  I finished the 5k course in 23:48 seconds which bettered my PR by about 4 minutes!  To my surprise I held a pace of about 7 minutes 45 seconds per mile!  This is by far the best pace I’ve ever kept. 

By place, I came in 40th out of 76 competitors…not so horrible.  But in my age group I again came in last (4th) 7 seconds…beat by a friend of mine….who passed me with about 300 yards to go.  My kick just could not keep up with his (damn these stubby legs!).  The USAT age rules killed me as I am 29 years old right now, but because my birthday has yet to happen this year I am put in the 30-34 group.  I would have won the 25-29 year old group who only had 3 people in it (I would have been the 4th)!  Oh well, in such a small field there is really not too much bragging room in winning.  In my mind, I far exceeded one my running goal (to get under a 9 minute mile pace) and just barely exceeded my swim goal of finishing in less than 16 minutes.  Win for me…but still lots of improvement to be made…time to raise my goals to the next level!


Eating this weekend was a fail, but I would not put it in the epic category.  I ate good food for the most part, but I ate a LOT of good food.  Saturday I had a 20 ounce NY strip steak at home and Sunday a friend had a gift card to Shula’s so I had a 24 oz porterhouse.  These portions were WAY too big.  Sure they were paleo, but a caveman would survive for 5 days on just those 2 steaks.  The good news was that they were delicious!  I still have to update my points and you’ll see them below. 

Sat: 8 points
Sun: -1 points
I got 3 workouts in this week for 0 points bonus.  

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