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About Dennis

Me rowing during a WOD
I started doing CrossFit in April 2011, since then I have seen improvements in my physical ability and appearance.  In my younger years (I'm 30) I was very active in sports and other physical activities including golf, biking, basketball and baseball.  Like most 20-somethings, it all changed after I graduated college.  My desk job limits how often I can be active and when I was done work I would come home and lounge around until finally my 5’ 7” frame ballooned to 187 pounds. 

My Mission
My first triathlon

I want to give advice and have others see that a normal person can achieve high fitness by adhering to an easy to follow diet and exercising regularly.  Advice in this blog is almost always second hand as I am a meteorologist by trade and have no formal training in nutrition or fitness.  What I “know” is from what I read and experience first hand. 

How to Contact Me

Feel free to let me know what you think, or any questions you might have, in the comment section; or if you're a bit shy shoot me an e-mail.  

Twitter: www.twitter.com/reformedfatty

Me and my wonderful wife Karen.  As a meteorologist, I'm always looking up.