Saturday, July 14, 2012

Now This is Not The End.......

It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
-Winston Churchill

It has been a while my friends.  A lot has happened in the past 2 months.  Some very good things (set a few PR’s) and some not so great things (loss of motivation).  But the biggest news has come just recently.   Crossfit610 is closing. 

Who would have thought that a gym is where I find one of the strongest communities I have experienced in my life.  I met people from ALL facets of life, from doctors; to lawyers and business professionals (they’re all made of ticky tacky little boxes… sorry I love the show “weeds”).   But really, no one cared what we each did (unless they could fix my car), it was all about succeeding in our goals of putting up big weights and doing it in as little time as possible.  We cheered, we sweat, and some of us puked together.  It was the perfect end to each work day.  I never thought the closing of a gym would impact me so much, but it did. 

At first I began to worry if I was going to see many of the people who I have grown so close with at the gym.  You know the story, it’s like graduating high school, you swear to stay in touch and to remain close, but soon you realize that unless you see each other every day, you just don’t think to call that person until you see them in a bar 7 years after you graduate when you just repeat the process.  But, again, this community has surprised me.  We have started going to a park and bringing what equipment we have and doing wod’s together.  We push each other, we do strength, and best of all we get to see each other. 
We work in a park.  Bars and all!

Only time will tell if it lasts, but if I know this group, I think it will.  Commitment to success is paramount to all of us.  We want to succeed, and we all know that a group has a better chance of success than the individual.  I know that I will be joining a new box in a few months, but until then I’m going to be  a 610er and carry on everything that Evan, Molly, and Mike have taught me.  As Evan would scream every workout…. DO WORK!!!!!!!

WOD (in the park)

Strength: 5 x 5 Front squat  (115, 135, 155, 175 x 3)


30 Push press (95lbs)
15 burpees
30 Jumping Squats (I call them squarpees)
15 burpees
30 pull-ups
15 burpees
30 mountain climbers
15 burpees


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