Friday, July 20, 2012

What time is it?!?!


It's time for yet another competition for me, this time in my own backyard...just about literally.  Crossfit Advanced is holding the second annual "Test Your Metal" crossfit competition at the Lehigh Valley Sportsfest located at cedar beach..only about 1/4 mile from my house.  I am really excited for this competition because it will be my first time doing a competition at the "prescribed" level.  As with past competitions I really watched my diet the past 2 weeks and I feel like I am ready to go!  As has been my ritual below are the workouts for test your metal:

Workout #1:

10 minute Amrap of "DT"

12 Dead-Lifts
9 Hang Cleans
6 Shoulder to Overhead

All at 155lbs

Thoughts:  This is not a light weight for me, but it is a weight I can handle.  It's amazing to think that last year at this time I could only dream of cleaning this weight, not it is something I can handle easily (for 1 rep).  Luckily it will not be too hot tomorrow so sweat will not be a huge problem grip wise, but regardless of that fact, I will bring with me a rosin bag and maybe even some gloves to test out.  The shoulder to overhead will really tax me.  I am hoping to get through one complete round unbroken then breaking it up as necessary.  In order to save some grip, I think I will do 11 deadlifts with the alternating grip before switching on the 12th to the hook grip so I can move on to the cleans quickly.

Goal:  I'd like to get 3 complete rounds in...hoping that I feel good and am able to get 3+ in.

Workout #2:

3-2-1 minute AMRAP

3 Minute AMRAP of 185lb front squat
1 minute rest
2 minute  AMRAP sit-ups
30 sec rest
1 minute  AMRAP burpees
Babies can do it...why can't I?!?!?!

Thoughts:  Ew.  Front Squats are my nemesis.  I am terrible at them.  My 1rm is something like 205 so 185 is a HEAVY weight for me to do an AMRAP of.  Beyond that, I have trouble with my depth so getting no-repped is a real concern.  Last week we did 5x5 front squats for strength and I got to 175 and failed on my 4th rep.  This is something I just have to grit my teeth and fight through.  On top of the front squat, because this competition is outside, you have to clean the bar up.  185 is a heavy weight for me to clean.  Again, I can do it but when I'm tired will I be able to do it late in the round?  to be seen.  My strategy is to try and not kill myself with the front squats and make up as much as I can with sit-ups and burpees.  This is the one event that scares me.

Goal:  If I can get 10 on the front squat I'm psyched.  I have to try and squat clean the bar up so I don't waste energy.  I am thinking something on the order of 40ish on the sit-ups and hoping for 16-20 on the burpees (you have to jump onto a 45lb weight so that is why I'm not looking at 22-25).

Workout #3
Fight gone bad...ish

5 stations 45 sec at each station for 2 rounds

Rowing for Calories
Turkish Get-up (2 pood)
Box Jump (30")
Sumo-Deadlift High pull
Tire Flips
This is a turkish get up.  I have to do it with a 72 lb kettle bell.  

Thoughts:  I really hope I start on the TGU so I can do rowing last.    The difference between first and last in the turkish get-up would be no more than about 3 reps.  It is a slow movement so why kill yourself on it when you can save yourself for the box jump?  This one is really going to make me winded.  Also, I've never done a turkish get up with 2 pood, it should be interesting to say the least...hope my arm doesn't snap!

Goals:  I don't know what number to put to this but I hope I can get about 15 Box-jumps each round and at least 2 TGU's.  We'll see though!

Regardless of my placing at the end of the competition, it will be fun!  There are a lot of ex-610ers competing or coming to support the competitors.  Can't wait!  

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