Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why I, and You, Work

"The end of labor is to gain leisure" - Aristotle

I think Aristotle would approve of crossfit, or any hard exercise.  It gets to the core of why I crossfit.  I work ridiculously hard so that I can enjoy the rest of my days.

I am well aware that I will not be at the crossfit games anytime soon, in fact I don't know if I want to be.  The dedication involved would mean sacrificing many of the other things that I love.  I would have to give up on some of my social life, drinking for the most part, candy, delicious beer, and prolly softball and golf.  Now, there are the freaks that are able to enjoy some of these things and still make that games (I'm looking at you Foucher and Smith), but I was not blessed with the genetics to do this.
Aristotle was a pretty bright guy.  

I crossfit to be able to do the things I love.  It allows me to feel great and adds more enjoyment to my softball games, golf games, and even just going to the beach.  I feel more confident and still get to enjoy everything I love to do.  That does not mean that I have not made some sacrifices, I have lessened my drinking greatly and sometimes I choose to workout rather than go out but that is my choice, but for the most part I have managed to use crossfit to enhance my life rather than overtake it.

Why do you Crossfit or workout in general?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Think "Light" thoughts....

 “Everybody wants to be a “powerbuilder”, but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights.” – Ronnie Coleman

That quote was going through my head, but replace "bodybuilder" with "crossfitter", while I was trying, and failing, to clean the 185 lbs so I could start more front squats.  I also tried to use the force a bit, which also did not work.  
This did not work for me.
Here is more on my first RX competition

Event 1:  

155 is heavy for me.  It is heavy for most people, but it is really really heavy for me.  I did accomplish my goal of going through each movement unbroken for the first round...then it just got ugly.  Deadlifts were easy, but the hang-cleans started to kill me.  I could only do about 2-3 at a time then my grip would be gone.  Obviously I used the hook grip but it just wasn't enough.  Then the shoulder to overhead...yeah right.  That was terrible.  I eventually had to go into a split jerk to get through them.  I ended up with 2+23 total which meant I got into the shoulder to overhead of my third round.    

Ended the first round in 22nd place (out of 25)

Event 2:  

The most feared event for me, the 185lb front squat.  oy!   It took me two attempts at successfully cleaning the bar.  I was more affected by the first event than I thought because I could do 185 a few times in a row without failing a few days prior.  Once up, I did 5 front squats before putting the bar down.  The problem was, I could not get it up again. Sounds like a typical male problem.

Then came the Sit-ups which I did "ok" on.  I got 71 in 2 minutes but I should have gotten to 80.  Then came the burpees which were surprisingly tough to get up on the 45lb weight.  I struggled and only got like 15 in the minute.  Again..should have done better.

I came in 24th on this event.  

Event 3:

I almost killed myself on the turkish get-up.  I was fine with my right hand, but struggled with my left (I'm making it too easy to make fun of this).  When I came down i dropped the 75 lb steel ball onto my shoulder/chest.  Ouch!  Luckily I caught it with my right arm before it could do serious damage.  I did decent on the row (15 cals each round) , and ok on the box jumps but could never get into a good rhythm. The tire flip was a bitch cause we just don't do them often. 

I came in 25th in this event.  Sigh.

Overall I came in 21st out of 25.  I have no idea how that is even possible considering I never did better than 22nd in any event.  The way they computed score confused me.  


First thought I had after each event was pure disappointment.  I did not stack up to my peers like I had hoped.  I was distraught.  Really actually pretty down on myself.  

As time went on, what Brando, Brad, Jake, Karen.... told me is true.  This was my first competition at RX weights, and they were not light.  I never backed down from the weight, never thought "maybe I should not do Rx"  I did not quit.  And that is what I'm taking away from this event.  That I have made some incredible improvements over this time last year.  I could not do a 2 pood kettle bell swing last year at this time, let alone a 2 pood turkish get up, but I did it in the competition.  I know I'm not elite, but it was good to "compete" against them for once.  

"Fans" and "Coaches"
610 cheering section!

I could feel the love while I was working out.  Especially when I was struggling.  Having the support that the group from the box formally known as 610 was amazing.  Everyone looked out for one and other and really pushed each other to succeed.

Also great was having Coach Brad (he's not the coach officially yet, but will be eventually) help me through some tough times with the tire and with the DT workout.  He helped me pace through them and gave me some form tips to make the movements more efficient.  Other guys with much more experience helped me through too including Jake and Brando.  It was good to have the tips yelled to me when I needed it the most.

Final Thought.   


Friday, July 20, 2012

What time is it?!?!


It's time for yet another competition for me, this time in my own backyard...just about literally.  Crossfit Advanced is holding the second annual "Test Your Metal" crossfit competition at the Lehigh Valley Sportsfest located at cedar beach..only about 1/4 mile from my house.  I am really excited for this competition because it will be my first time doing a competition at the "prescribed" level.  As with past competitions I really watched my diet the past 2 weeks and I feel like I am ready to go!  As has been my ritual below are the workouts for test your metal:

Workout #1:

10 minute Amrap of "DT"

12 Dead-Lifts
9 Hang Cleans
6 Shoulder to Overhead

All at 155lbs

Thoughts:  This is not a light weight for me, but it is a weight I can handle.  It's amazing to think that last year at this time I could only dream of cleaning this weight, not it is something I can handle easily (for 1 rep).  Luckily it will not be too hot tomorrow so sweat will not be a huge problem grip wise, but regardless of that fact, I will bring with me a rosin bag and maybe even some gloves to test out.  The shoulder to overhead will really tax me.  I am hoping to get through one complete round unbroken then breaking it up as necessary.  In order to save some grip, I think I will do 11 deadlifts with the alternating grip before switching on the 12th to the hook grip so I can move on to the cleans quickly.

Goal:  I'd like to get 3 complete rounds in...hoping that I feel good and am able to get 3+ in.

Workout #2:

3-2-1 minute AMRAP

3 Minute AMRAP of 185lb front squat
1 minute rest
2 minute  AMRAP sit-ups
30 sec rest
1 minute  AMRAP burpees
Babies can do it...why can't I?!?!?!

Thoughts:  Ew.  Front Squats are my nemesis.  I am terrible at them.  My 1rm is something like 205 so 185 is a HEAVY weight for me to do an AMRAP of.  Beyond that, I have trouble with my depth so getting no-repped is a real concern.  Last week we did 5x5 front squats for strength and I got to 175 and failed on my 4th rep.  This is something I just have to grit my teeth and fight through.  On top of the front squat, because this competition is outside, you have to clean the bar up.  185 is a heavy weight for me to clean.  Again, I can do it but when I'm tired will I be able to do it late in the round?  to be seen.  My strategy is to try and not kill myself with the front squats and make up as much as I can with sit-ups and burpees.  This is the one event that scares me.

Goal:  If I can get 10 on the front squat I'm psyched.  I have to try and squat clean the bar up so I don't waste energy.  I am thinking something on the order of 40ish on the sit-ups and hoping for 16-20 on the burpees (you have to jump onto a 45lb weight so that is why I'm not looking at 22-25).

Workout #3
Fight gone bad...ish

5 stations 45 sec at each station for 2 rounds

Rowing for Calories
Turkish Get-up (2 pood)
Box Jump (30")
Sumo-Deadlift High pull
Tire Flips
This is a turkish get up.  I have to do it with a 72 lb kettle bell.  

Thoughts:  I really hope I start on the TGU so I can do rowing last.    The difference between first and last in the turkish get-up would be no more than about 3 reps.  It is a slow movement so why kill yourself on it when you can save yourself for the box jump?  This one is really going to make me winded.  Also, I've never done a turkish get up with 2 pood, it should be interesting to say the least...hope my arm doesn't snap!

Goals:  I don't know what number to put to this but I hope I can get about 15 Box-jumps each round and at least 2 TGU's.  We'll see though!

Regardless of my placing at the end of the competition, it will be fun!  There are a lot of ex-610ers competing or coming to support the competitors.  Can't wait!  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 and amazing support

I love them.  I love watching, arguing about, and most importantly..I love playing them.  Baseball has always been my first sport love.  I understand the players are not as athletic as those in sports like basketball, soccer and even football, but do not try to tell me that hitting a baseball is easy.  Hitting a round ball with a round bat squarely is the hardest thing to do in all sports.  Argue with me on that and we'll have problems.

I've played baseball growing up and like most ex-players, I moved on to slow-pitch softball.  Hitting a large round ball lobbed in to you with a round bat is substantially easier than hitting a pitched hardball.  Regardless, I love it.  I've been playing since I was 15 and been attending games as long as I can remember.  There was one game when I was 17 where 7 of the 10 players on the field were blood relatives (father, uncle, 4 cousins, myself).  Why am I telling you all of this?  To set up the history of how long I've been playing and how it is in my blood.

In all of those years of playing, I have never once hit an over the fence home-run. I was never ever a power guy, always average.  Had a few in the parkers, a ton of doubles, but mostly I was a singles hitter.  Still am, but a strange thing happened the other week.  I hit my very first over the fence home run.  I just turned on a pitch, made great contact and next thing I know I was rounding the bases.  It was a strange feeling, but one I would never had experienced without crossfit.
Sadly, there were no giant signs for me.

There are much stronger guys on the team, I mean much much much stronger, but they don't have that explosive pop that I learned through doing snatched and power cleans.  I hope to hit another, but I won't try, that is just not my game.  If I hit another by accident, so be it, but it will never be my goal to go to the plate and hit one out.


Sadly, I am still un-employed.  I've had a few interviews but no offers have been made my way yet.  To say I've been stressed and had moments of huge questions on my worth is an understatement.  I have a kid on the way and I'm a out of work guy while my pregnant wife toils away at work.  Yeah, the term LOSER really comes to mind.

Luckily, I have the most supportive wife in the world.  The day I lost my job, she smiled and comforted me.  The day I found out I did not get a job I really wanted, she comforted me some more.  Never once giving in to negative feelings.  I'm an amazingly lucky man.

I'm also lucky because, although money is a bit tight now-a-days, she never once has asked that I stop crossfitting.  Maybe she's being selfish just likes looking at my arms and shoulders.  Maybe she just likes to go with me to stare at other guys arms, abs and shoulders.   But, I think it is because she knows it is the one thing in my life where I feel a part of something, where no one cares that I'm unemployed, a place where I'm judged on my squat form and not on my bank account.  This is what community is all about, being part of (or accepted) regardless of anything but what matters to people also a part of the community.

There may be a time where we HAVE to cut the gym cost, but I know that Karen will make sure that is one of the last cuts.  I would honestly cut cable before I cut crossfit, and if you know me, that is saying a lot.


Sit-ups and double unders 7:48 (5 seconds off a pr)

Also set a pr in the shoulder press. got 115!  Woo!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Now This is Not The End.......

It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
-Winston Churchill

It has been a while my friends.  A lot has happened in the past 2 months.  Some very good things (set a few PR’s) and some not so great things (loss of motivation).  But the biggest news has come just recently.   Crossfit610 is closing. 

Who would have thought that a gym is where I find one of the strongest communities I have experienced in my life.  I met people from ALL facets of life, from doctors; to lawyers and business professionals (they’re all made of ticky tacky little boxes… sorry I love the show “weeds”).   But really, no one cared what we each did (unless they could fix my car), it was all about succeeding in our goals of putting up big weights and doing it in as little time as possible.  We cheered, we sweat, and some of us puked together.  It was the perfect end to each work day.  I never thought the closing of a gym would impact me so much, but it did. 

At first I began to worry if I was going to see many of the people who I have grown so close with at the gym.  You know the story, it’s like graduating high school, you swear to stay in touch and to remain close, but soon you realize that unless you see each other every day, you just don’t think to call that person until you see them in a bar 7 years after you graduate when you just repeat the process.  But, again, this community has surprised me.  We have started going to a park and bringing what equipment we have and doing wod’s together.  We push each other, we do strength, and best of all we get to see each other. 
We work in a park.  Bars and all!

Only time will tell if it lasts, but if I know this group, I think it will.  Commitment to success is paramount to all of us.  We want to succeed, and we all know that a group has a better chance of success than the individual.  I know that I will be joining a new box in a few months, but until then I’m going to be  a 610er and carry on everything that Evan, Molly, and Mike have taught me.  As Evan would scream every workout…. DO WORK!!!!!!!

WOD (in the park)

Strength: 5 x 5 Front squat  (115, 135, 155, 175 x 3)


30 Push press (95lbs)
15 burpees
30 Jumping Squats (I call them squarpees)
15 burpees
30 pull-ups
15 burpees
30 mountain climbers
15 burpees


Friday, April 27, 2012

This is one of those highs

Life is full of lows, and if you concentrate on them you will constantly be miserable, it is the highs that should be the focus of your mental energy.  Well, life has given me one of those amazing highs that was well beyond anything I could have ever expected.  My wife and I are now expecting our first child.  Due in early November, we are just starting out on this journey of parenthood.

Now, this blog is not about my life, it is about fitness so let me talk about how my wife (digital mustard) is keeping fit during the pregnancy.  She is NOT stopping crossfit.  Which may seem insane to some old minded  folks out there.  "Oh're pregnant..let's wrap you in bubble wrap and not let you pick up anything."  It is my opinion that, unless specifically directed by a doctor because of complications, it is really stupid to just stop doing what you've done for so long.

Karen is crossfitting while pregnant.  Of course she is listening to her body closely, meaning she is not going nearly as hard as she once did (at least in most workouts).  She is cutting back how often she goes to the gym a bit, from 5-6 times a week down to 3.  Beyond that, she's sticking to her routine.

In fact,  if you are any good at math...this means she completed the crossfit open while pregnant.  Granted, we did not know she was pregnant til after the first 2 workouts, regardless she still did very well in the wods.  Also, if you follow her on twitter or read her blog, you'll see she just set a PR in the dead lift the other day.  I was watching her very closely.  Like all moves in crossfit, if performed correctly there is little to worry about.  She did not hold her breath too long, her heart rate did not become elevated during a lift.  It was all good.

Here are some tips we are using /have used for the first 12 weeks:

1.  Our trainers were some of the first people to know about the kid.  They kept it confidential but all we asked is that they not try to push her too far.  That if she needed a break, she would take it.  Evan was fantastic, in fact I think he was as excited as anyone we told.

2.  We use the crossfit community to our advantage.  There is an amazing website for woman who do crossfit while pregnant,  It lists some scaled workouts for those who are pregnant and also a great forum for asking questions and learning from those who have already gone through a pregnancy while doing crossfit workouts.

If your trainers have not had much experience with pregnant women, I would direct them to this site.  Even they could learn something and may be able to design workouts specifically for you...or at least learn how to teach you the scaled versions recommended there.

3.  Listen to your body: this is by far the most important tip anyone can give you.  If you feel a pain in your abdomen, STOP.  Very simple.  If you're tired then take a rest day.  You are creating another human being, you need to concentrate on that.  It is the most important thing in your life right now.  Listening to your body goes way up in importance when carrying a child.

I will have more posts on the progress Karen is making and some tips on crossfitting and working out while pregnant in the future.  But I promise it will not be the central theme of this blog.

Note:  I set a new PR int he dead lift the other day too!  385 lbs.  I also finally upped my shoulder press PR to 110 lbs.  Weak but at least I'm finally going in the right direction!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Life gives you lemons...

So the past week has been a bit hectic for me.  Had some pretty life changing things happen which makes some other even more life changing things a bit more difficult to handle.

Let's start with the bad news....I got laid off from my job.  It was not completely unexpected.  I worked in the solar power industry and it has been getting destroyed by some things that are out of the control of the company.  I don't fault the company or hold any ill will towards them, it was simply something that had to be done.  That does not make it any easier on me as there is something else big in my life happening (gotta wait til next Monday for this announcement).  Being without a job has left me with something everyone craves...a lot of free time.

So here is where I start making my lemonade.  Instead of going to the bar after I heard the news, which I wanted to do, I went to the gym early.  I started using my free time to my advantage.  It doesn't cost me anything extra to go to the gym more and it keeps me active and takes my mind off of my predicament.  So I have started doing 2 a days for the past week.

Benefits of doing this:

*  Keeps me on a schedule:  I'm not sleeping in everyday and becoming lazy.  I get up and try to be at the gym around 8 and stay for an hour or two before coming home and starting the networking/ job hunting process.

*  Keeps me full of energy:  Getting a good workout in the morning is keeping my energy and optimism up.  I'm not getting down on myself or mopping around.  When I have a phone interview, it will keep me sounding confident rather than desperate.

* Improves strength:  I really want to work on my strength a bit more each morning.  Meaning I will maybe do shoulder presses twice a week and can work on my deadlift.  I can take my time without being in the structured class setting.

*  Improves Skills:  I can also work on skills a bit more.  I can work on my HSPU or my double unders, or even my muscle up (haven't done this yes, but it's on the program for tomorrow),  most importantly for me, I will work on my form on the Oly lifts.  Especially the snatch.

* Goat Killer:  Today I did 3 sets of 20 walls balls.  Tomorrow I'm gonna work more on my front squat and depth.  I want to attack some goats I have to try and improve.

So there are a great number of benefits I have from doing this type of set-up.

But...I'd still trade the extra workout for a good job close to home.

I'll post later today with some WOD's I've done recently.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Results from Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge

Wow...what a weekend. The Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge was exactly that...a big challenge.  Before getting into the results I need to thank everyone who came out for Crossfit 610, both the scaled and Rx teams, some on VERY short notice.  There were also some fans in attendance, which added to the energy.  Without much more is the weekend in a nutshell.
Crossfit 610 Team Representing

WOD #1:

120 Pull-ups
120 OH Squats (95/65)
120 bar facing burpees
600m Prowler push (135/95)
20 min time cap

Myself, Drew, Sam and Rochelle went at this.  Starting with the Pull-ups Drew banged out 15, followed by me with 20 and Sam with 10.  After that, I have no idea how many we did.  I do know that Rochelle was anxiously waiting for us to finish.  Took up about 3-4 min..which was not great but we got through it.  Time for hte OH squats...shit.  I got no-rep'd a few times cause of my depth but Rochelle killed these for us.  It was a huge help for her to step up her game in a big is something that was a recurring theme through the weekend.  on to the burpees..we split them up into sets of 10 a person.  Got to the prowler push where Drew and I each did 50 meters and felt dead.  The girls each did their 50 meters and then we split it up into 25 meter sets.  We got to 275 meters before the time expired.
Mike and Evan Killing 225lb prowler push

Finished 5th out of 7 teams in this event.  Not the start any of us wanted.  But we had lots of time to come back.

WOD #2:

Snatch Ladder

Gerbino did awesome on this event, tieing her PR and coming oh so close to setting a new one at 115.  Then Chris came through and destroyed it.  Setting a new PR for himself at 185.   great job by both of them to keep us in the game.

Finished 2nd in this event!

WOD #3

10 min amrap
Rope Climbs while holding 225lb Axle

We decided to go with 3 rope climbers and one person of strength in this workout.  So Sam and I sat this one out while Rochelle, Chris, Drew, and Julie attacked the WOD.  As I stated previously we were at a dis-advantage in this event because of our relative lack of experience in climbing, but I have to say Chris, Julie and Drew did really well here.  And Rochelle held on to that 225 pound bar for almost the whole 10 minutes (took a 20 sec break at around the 8 minute mark).  It was awesome to watch them hold that  axle, you could see the pain in their faces but they never thought about quitting.  Awesome job by them together.
Rx team holding the axle

We finished the event with 20 rope climbs good for 4th place in the event.

We ended day 1 in a tie for 4th place.  Not the best day for us, but we never quit.  Day 2 would prove to go much better for us.

DAY 2!

WOD #4

12 minute amrap
10 Alternating squat clean thrusters (95/65)
75 meter sand bag carry (105/55)

After some debate, and some coaching from Mike, we decided to put Chris and Rochelle into this event..and what a great decision that was!   This workout looked absolutely terrible.  Rochelle and Chris killed it though.  She kept up with him the entire time and really helped put the team through it. The look on their faces at the 10 minute mark said it all, this workout was brutal.

They finished this workout in second place!

WOD #5

Stadium Workout
300m row
30 Toes to Bar (or knees to elbow)
30 Deadlift
30 Dumbell Thrusters (25/15)
50 Double unders
Court Finishing up with doubles while Tony and Mike spectate!

The way this worked was each member went off in order, but the second person could not start until the person in front of them was done the movement.  We decided to go Myself, Drew, Julie, then Sam was being the anchor.  In this event you truly are only as strong as your weakest player.  Sam has only been doing crossfit for like 3 months and she did amazing through this workout.  I finished in about 8 minutes with Drew only having to wait a few times (my bad).  The double unders were a lot harder than I thought they would be at the end. The team finished in about 17 minutes and some change.  We are confident that we actaully won this event but the scoring got screwed up and the 3 teams that finished in the time cap were all given first place points.

We finished this workout (officially) tied for 1st place.

We finished the "regular" events in second place, but only up on the third place team by 1 point! The final workout would be critical for us.

WOD #6

Each member of the team must complete one round
5 Snatch (115/75)
10 Shoulder to overhead
15 Front Squat


In the same order 50 meter Yoke Carry
165 lbs
215 lbs
265 lbs
355 lbs


same order
10 Burpee Box Jumps (20")
15 Wall balls (20/14)
50 foot walking lunges (25/0)

Eek...this is pretty Daunting.  We decided to go with Myself, Chris, Rochelle and Julie.  The order would be Julie, Rochelle, Me and Chris.  We start and Julie gets through her set pretty quickly...then Rochelle does her set unbroken.  It was awesome to see.  For someone who went down thinking she would hurt the team, she ended up being one of our strongest members and contributing the most.  Then I go..and I take a bit of time getting through the set.  Chris makes it through pretty easily but we're still the 4th out of 5 teams to get outside.  Crap.  It was all of our first time doing a yoke carry..and honestly we had no idea what the weight was (we were all pretty surprised when we saw just how heavy in poundage it felt a lot lighter).  We fly though this movement and enter the building in third place.  We all get through the final movements and end in 3rd place for the event.  It was brutal but it was over.

We ended the event in 2nd place!  It was a constant fight to get back into the game after the rough start, but we never quit and gave each workout everything we had.  I could not be happier with the team that came down with me, no one ever complained about which WOD's they were in, they just attacked whatever came at them and as a team we conquered.  So very proud to be associated with those people and with Crossfit 610 in General.

The Rx team had a rougher go at it, but still did amazing.  Coming in 6th out of 23 teams.  They were in contention all the way up until the end.  It is really inspiring watching those guys and girls go at it, the speed and intensity they have is contagious and the coaching tips were invaluable.

In ending, it must be said how organized the whole event was.  The judges were great and the facility (Crossfit BWI) was fantastic.  I do wish they gave 2nd and 3rd place scaled teams some recognition or prize, but with only 7 teams, I can understand why only the top scaled team was rewarded.

Had a fantastic weekend!  Can't wait to do it again someday!

Final Standings for Scaled

CrossFit South Arlington 
CrossFit 610 
CrossFit Adaptation 
CrossFit 1st State 
CrossFit Harford 
CrossFit Deleware Valley
Trident CrossFit 

Final Standings for Rx

District CrossFit
CrossFit Old Town
R.A.W Training
Trident CrossFit
CrossFit Lorton
CrossFit 610
CrossFit Williamsburg
CrossFit BWI
CrossFit Athletics
CrossFit 215
CrossFit 324
CrossFit Dupont
CrossFit 1st State
Southern Maryland CrossFit
CrossFit DC
CrossFit Rubicon
CrossFit 757
CrossFit Old Town #2
CrossFit Athletics #2
South Baltimore CrossFit

Thursday, April 12, 2012

WODS for the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge

The WODS have been released for my first team competition and well...I'm only REALLY nervous about one of them.  Here they are..followed by my thoughts and goals

WOD #1

2 guys and 2 girls as a team complete
120 Chest to bar pull-ups (regular pull-ups for scaled)
120 Overhead squats (115-85 for rx) ( I assume 95/65 for scaled)
120 over the bar burpees
600 meter prowler push (140/90 I think)
Courtesy of  Met Con Photo's (Who will be there this weekend BTW)

WOD #2

1 guy and 1 girl who did NOT do WOD #1
Snatch Ladder starting at 95/65

WOD #3

Any 2 guys and 2 girls

10 minute AMRAP Rope Climbs

While someone is climbing, the remaining teammates must hold an axle off the ground.  If it falls you lose a rope climb.  Score is Total rope climbs minus axle drops.  Still unknown is whether the scaled division will be completing rope climbs.


There will be 2 wods for all teams on Sunday...then a final WOD for the top 5 Scaled teams.  They will not be released until Saturday.

My Thoughts.

WOD #1:  Should be ok.  I don't have much experience pushing a prowler, but I have done it before.  The pull-ups and OH Squats I think we'll do ok on.  The burpees comes down to strategy.  How many does each person do at a time?  How often should we switch?  I'll talk to my team and I'm confident we'll have a great strategy going in!

WOD # 2:  Based on who we have going in, I think the team will do very well in this event.

WOD #3:  Oh...Shit...  Our box is at a huge disadvantage here as we don't have a rope station.  But, we used to and we all know HOW to climb a rope...but we're not very fluent in it.  Let's hope we don't pull a Froning and lose cause of this event.

This is the only time I can think of to use Rich Froning in a negative light...for those who are not in the know...Rich (the 2011 Worlds Fittest Man) was in first place going into the 2010 games final event, but did not have the skills necessary to climb a rope when fatigued.  He ended up coming in, I think, second place cause of it.  Obviously, he has made up for it by winning in 2011 and learned to climb a rope more efficiently.

Recent WOD'S

50 Wall Balls (20 lb)
50 2 pood KB swings
Time: 6:44

20 min amrap of
200m run
10 toes 2 bar
5 hand stand push ups
I got 7+206 and actually did this RX!  Wooo!  I'm really getting the HSPU kip down.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Go Team!

“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.”
- Paterno

When I started Crossfitting, I saw that Sunday's were always "team WOD's" and always wondered what the point was.  You're still doing work, why does it matter if I am with a team?

As I went and did the team workouts, I quickly realized that I was pushing myself the most and making the biggest gains during these workouts.  The fear of embarrassment or fear of letting your teammate down is a powerful motivator.  The first time I did a 20lb wall ball was during a team workout, I would also use a slightly heavier weight in those workouts.  It was fantastic for my confidence.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your team WOD

1. Cheer
No one likes silence at the gym.  So if it is a WOD where your partner is going and you're "resting", take the opportunity to cheer them on.  It doesn't have to be constant, but pushing your teammate to "not put the bar down" or to do 3 more reps before resting can really help the other person. I know I've done an extra few reps on many occasions simply because someone was yelling for me to keep going.

2. Accept Criticism

You may be paired up with someone who is a better crossfitter than you and has been through the WOD in the past.  Take their criticism a training tool.  If they tell you that your back is bending, don't brush it off, work on a way to fix it.  That person is only trying to help you, not make you feel inferior or stupid.  Use it and you will make a large gain.

3. Make a wager

This is one that works really well for me.  Prior to the WOD beginning, find a team that is similar to yours in ability and make a lil' friendly wager on the results of the WOD.  Not monetary, but maybe something as simple as the loser has to clean up the winners equipment, or even loser has to do 10 or 20 barrel roll burpees.  you'll get some friendly banter during the WOD and some enjoyment for everyone after the WOD.   (Seriously, have you ever seen a meat head do barrel roll burpees?'s hilarious)

4. Set a goal with your teammate

This is something I do individually and have carried it over to the partner WOD's. Set a goal that is a bit hard to reach, but may be attainable if you both really push.  This past saturday I set a goal for 8 minutes for my teammate Eric and I on the partner WOD.  It was an unrealistic goal for us because he's new to crossfit and I'm just not that great at it yet.  But I know he pushed himself to try and meet that goal for us.  It was fantastic.  We ended with a time of 9:53 but I know he gave it his all and like I've said in a previous post...that is all a teammate can ever ask for.

Other Benefit

Beyond the gains made in your workout, it also is a fantastic time to socialize a bit more at the gym.  You may be paired with someone you havn't had the chance to talk too. Take the time to get to know them, you may find a new friendship, or at the least it may keep that person coming back to the box and reaching their goals.   If you see someone new there, take it upon yourself to make them feel welcomed, I know it helped me a lot when I was first starting out.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time to Revamp the goals

It's amazing to think, but the first quarter of 2012 is already over!  Where does the time go?  Now is as good a time as ever to check in on your fitness goals for the year.  So let me start with a copy and paste from my post on January 2nd.

Here are my goals.  I'll put in red where I'm at.

Back Squat: 300 (2x body weight) : Havn't done my 1rm in a while
Push Press: 175 (185) : no idea 
Bench Press: 200 lbs : no idea
Pull ups:  30 in a row (50) : no idea
Clean: 200 (225) : I put up 190 about 3 weeks ago.  Still working on form.
HSPU: consistent in a wod : Well, I can do it with 25 lb plates, but still not Rx through an entire wod.
Shoulder Press: 135 (155) : I hate the shoulder press, Still at 105 for a 1rm.  This is the vain of my existence.  

Jerk:  200 (225) : Have put up 195.  Just barely failed at 205. This was about a month and a half ago though
OHS: 155 (BW)  : BINGO!  Got 175 on this!   My body weight is about 170.  Got to set a new goal!
2000m row: 7:15 (<7) :  Not so lucky here, have only taken about 2 sec off my time.  Still in the 7:20's
Snatch: 135 (155)  : At PA's Fittest, I put up 140.  I just missed 145 yesterday.

Annie: <7 min (6:30):  Havnt done it.
Karen: <9 min (8:30)   : in Open WOD 12.4 I got through the 'Karen" portion in 8:35.  Not too bad.

Helen: <8min (7:30)
Grace: <5 min (4 min)
Fran: <7 min (<6min) : My PR in Fran is 6:57 so I have completed this.  Next stop..sub 5:30.
Cindy: 20 rounds (22 rounds) 
Angie: <20min (15 min)

I also set a PR in the box jump at 44 inches. Most importantly, I got my first muscle up during the quarter!

It has been a fantastic first quarter to the year, I jsut have to remain focused and keep pushing myself.  I'm trying to refine the motions int he lifts by using lighter weights.  Form is going to mean more and more as I try to get higher weights.  Jake and Evan are helping me a lot, but it's really going to come down to me taking the time to practice and practice some more.  

Refined Goals

I think I may use this week to try and set some of the PR's that I havn't tried in a while so I can fill in this a bit more.  But Below are my re-adjusted goals on some of the lifts I have completed my goals already on.

OHS:  I'd like to get to 190 by the end of the year.
Snatch: I'm shooting for 155 as my year end goal.
Isabel: I'd like to complete Isabel RX by the end of the year (30 - 135 lb snatches)
Karen:  Lets try to get about 8:15
Fran: Sub-5 minutes
Jerk: 225 is my new realistic goal
Clean: I'm shooting for 215 as my new Year end goal
Complete 10 MU's in under 3 min.

Hopefully the second quarter starts off well during the competition at BWI.  I think we're bringing 2 very good team for their respective divisions.  The rx team should do very well and will surely compete for the title,although every team will be bringing their best.  Our Scaled team (of which I'm a part of) should be good as well, I think we're a true scaled team as we can perform many of the movements but there are still a good deal that most of our team can not pull off.  

Recent WODS

There have been a bunch, here are a few

Toes to bar
Burpee box jump (24")

50 slam balls
2k row
50 ring pulls

50 over head squats (95lbs)
800 m run

Diane - 1 abmat for HSPU  9:01

4 rounds
400m run
25 slamballs (30lb)

There have been a few others but some are partner wods (topic of tomorrow's post)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Competition Coming up!

Please excuse the lack of posting.  There has been a LOT going on in my life recently and there will be some big changes for me...but more on that in a later post.  

A few months ago I saw that there was going to be, what I thought was, a large team competition in Maryland. The best part for me was that there would be a scaled division...which meant I could participate if I could put together a team.  I asked a few people and was able to throw together a decent scaled men's team, none of the members would be considered firebreathers, but we can all hold our own in a scaled competition.  The difficulty in throwing the team together was gathering enough woman.  It's not that the woman at my gym are not physically able to do it, they are, it's that some of them lack the confidence to put themselves out there.

The other problem is social schedules...but we can ignore that one for the sake of this post. 

This goes for males and females out there.  YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.  Keep telling yourself that.  It's true.  Will you win the crossfit games?  But you are good enough to compete with others at a similar ability level.  Not that I always think I'm good enough, I too have a lot of self doubt, but one thing that I'm not scared of is throwing myself into a competition.  I lose....a lot.  And you prolly will too, but you will push yourself as well.  It will not be like that dream you had where you were crossfitting naked in front of your crush.  If you lose no one will point and laugh...if anything they will support and push you even further.  

I know a few things about competing as a team.  I know you will give everything you have if you are competing for something more than yourself.  And your teammates know that.  The only way you will disappoint them is if you give up (or do something truly boneheaded).  That's the only way I'd be disappointed with anyone on my team.  If one of the lifts is to lift something that they physically can't lift, but they spend the allotted time trying and killing them self to lift it...well I'll be happy to call them my teammate.  

Remember that as you go forward.  If you push yourself and fail, no one can fault you.  The only way to lose respect of your teammates is to quit.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation....from everything

Last week was my first ever "Guys Golf Vacation" in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  It was really a good time, except that a week was a bit long.  During hte vacation I did everything I did before Crossfit.  I ate HUGE meals, snacked on fried food, sat on the couch and did nothing, and most importantly...drank my weight in beer.  I likely put on around 5lbs and definitely lost any definition I was starting to gain.
yeah..this is about right.  

Why did I do this?

Mostly cause I just needed to let loose. It felt good even with the consequences.  I'm committed to crossfitting but I don't let the crossfitting define who I am.  Sure I want to look great and be healthy, but I've said all along I do it so I can enjoy weeks like last week.  Some people do it so they can go to regionals or the crossfit games, and if I had the genetic make-up, or the time, to accomplish that I would take it more seriously too.  But that is not what I want with my life.  I want to be able to have golf weeks with buddies into my 70' great would that be?  And spending 40-45 weeks a year being healthy and another 5-10 being less than healthy should allow me to do that.

I hope.

One drawback to the week was I overslept and missed my chance to do 12.5  so I had no score to submit.  but fret not I will do the workout tomorrow (Thursday) and figure out where I would have fallen so I have an accurate measure for next year!

Congrats to everyone that made it through Opens!

An even bigger congrats to my former trainer Mike Abgarian for coming in 6th in the mid-atlantic, Molly for coming in 33rd, and Evan for coming in 45th!!!!!

 AND to the Crossfit 610 team for coming in 12th and qualifying for regionals!   Amazing job guys!

This week...I get back at it!  Time to prep for the Mid-Atlantic affiliate challenge.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

12.4 Karen is PMS'ing

Ew.  Yeah.  This was a hard one.  I feel like I say that a lot but this one I'm still hurting from.  Here is what it entailed.

12 min amrap

150 Wall Balls - This is where you throw a 20lb medicine ball at a 10 foot target...oh and you have to do a full squat each time.

90 Double - Unders - The rope must pass under your feet twice

30 Muscle ups - yeah...didn't get any of these.

Dude really doesn't have a neck.

It was a really tough workout.  150 wall balls is a classic crossfit workout named Karen.  I always have trouble cracking 10 PR on this is 9:50.  So assuming I did that, it would have only left me 2 min for double unders and hopefully some time to TRY a muscle up.


I started with 34 straight wall balls.  BAD IDEA.  I was cooked after that.  I then broke them up into sets of between 5 and 10.  I was hurting bad.  My shoulders were on fire.  But I finished stage one in about 9:25ish.  WOO new Karen PR (well the workout named Karen PR...I've def done Karen (the person) faster).  ;-)

Double problem.  Broke them up into sets of 30.  First 30 went fine.  Second 30 went ok.  messed up during the third 30 and did 15-9-6.  But regardless was done them in just a lil over a minute.  Leaving me about 1 minute to attempt a muscle up.  I failed.  I was really upset I failed, but looking at the scores being submitted made me feel better.

Looks like finishing the DU's gets me into around the top 50%...that makes me very happy.  But obviously a lot of improvement to be made.  I gotta get y motor up to try and get Karen completed in under 8 min.

I CAN do a muscle up..kinda.  Still can't do one from a dead hang, but I'm getting there.  See video below!

I decided NOT to try this one again.  My quads are burning big time and my shoulders are shot.  Instead I did my normal programming.

I'm heading to Myrtle Beach this week so I might be a little distant on posts, but I will get one or 2 up next week.  I make no promies on the content...I will likely not be sober while typing.


12.4 : 240 (all the wall balls and double unders)


10 min amrap as a team

one person carries 2 dumb-bells 200m while the other does push presses
I did 4 walks/runs with 45lb dumb-bells


10 min amrap

20 box jumps
while other person is jumping then am-mats are being completed

I did 7+19 rounds of box jumps.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Diet Diet Diet!

Lost in all my posts recently has been my focus on my diet.  I have been making extra effort to eat more "clean" and I think it has been paying off.  I have felt better after workouts and have started to look better in the mirror.  Below is a typical day for me (meaning 4 out of 5 work days).

Drive in to work -  large protein shake, banana
10:30am             - 3 hard boiled eggs (only 1 yolk), apple, other seasonal fruit, fish oil
Noon                 -  Meat (usually left over from night before), veggie (usually steamed broccoli)
Mid-afternoon    -  Turkey deli meat, trail mix (cashews, dried bananas, dried pineapple..)
Post-workout     -  Recovery shake
Dinner                -  usually some type of meat (chicken most often), veggies (usually broccoli cause I'm boring)

That is everything.  My wife and I like to have fish once a week which is usually salmon or tilapia.  We also have steak once a week or so.  It is not nearly as boring as it looks.  She is a master chef (in my eyes at least) and somehow finds ways to spice it up a lot of the time.  Some of her recipes are here: .

I do cheat once or twice a week when I get really stressed and have a snickers or some other candy bar in there somewhere.  on the weekends I don't really stick to a schedule, it is more "eat when I'm hungry" and try to eat healthy.  I do drink beer (sometimes wayyyy too much).  But hey...that's what I enjoy and that is who I am.  I've greatly cut down on how often I drink and now go weeks without a beer without batting an eye.

Remember, the point in being healthy is to enjoy life...not make life feel constrained.  Make healthy choices, but do what you like as well.

Where to Buy Food?

Recently, as in the past 3 weeks, we discovered the Allentown Farmers Market.  Holy Crap.  What a treasure chest of deliciousness!  They have everything you need to eat healthy..and above all you can up the health by choosing local, grass fed products.  We recently made the choice to buy the more expensive, but equally more delicious, free range chicken products, and grass fed beef products.  You don't know what you've been missing.  They actually TASTE better.  I've been told they are more healthy too. WINNING! (is that played out yet?)

I'm sure you can find something similar near you!

Prediction for 12.4

Come on you didn't think you'd get through an entire post without talk of the Reebok crossfit open did you?

The only thing I'm sure of is pain.  Both because my neck is still screwed up, and because even when I'm completely unscathed...the workout hurts.  But because I must prediction is

8 min amrap
10 - 185lb Deadlift
20 - Wall Balls

This is based on the fact that there has been no squatting thus far.  I would not be surprised to see some kind of front squat, or full squat clean in this WOD either.  At least wall balls are supposed to have a squat in them.  We'll see at 8pm ET tonight!

Recent WOD's


25 min amrap (eek!)
50 ground to over head 45 lb plate (I did 20lb slamballs cause my neck hurt with the plate)
100 Air Squats
125 calorie row

Score: 1 + 111


Rowed 10 1 minute intervals after doing 5 rep max back squat.  Stopped at 225 cause my neck started hurting.  Gotta get through this week without doing more damage!