Sunday, April 8, 2012

Time to Revamp the goals

It's amazing to think, but the first quarter of 2012 is already over!  Where does the time go?  Now is as good a time as ever to check in on your fitness goals for the year.  So let me start with a copy and paste from my post on January 2nd.

Here are my goals.  I'll put in red where I'm at.

Back Squat: 300 (2x body weight) : Havn't done my 1rm in a while
Push Press: 175 (185) : no idea 
Bench Press: 200 lbs : no idea
Pull ups:  30 in a row (50) : no idea
Clean: 200 (225) : I put up 190 about 3 weeks ago.  Still working on form.
HSPU: consistent in a wod : Well, I can do it with 25 lb plates, but still not Rx through an entire wod.
Shoulder Press: 135 (155) : I hate the shoulder press, Still at 105 for a 1rm.  This is the vain of my existence.  

Jerk:  200 (225) : Have put up 195.  Just barely failed at 205. This was about a month and a half ago though
OHS: 155 (BW)  : BINGO!  Got 175 on this!   My body weight is about 170.  Got to set a new goal!
2000m row: 7:15 (<7) :  Not so lucky here, have only taken about 2 sec off my time.  Still in the 7:20's
Snatch: 135 (155)  : At PA's Fittest, I put up 140.  I just missed 145 yesterday.

Annie: <7 min (6:30):  Havnt done it.
Karen: <9 min (8:30)   : in Open WOD 12.4 I got through the 'Karen" portion in 8:35.  Not too bad.

Helen: <8min (7:30)
Grace: <5 min (4 min)
Fran: <7 min (<6min) : My PR in Fran is 6:57 so I have completed this.  Next stop..sub 5:30.
Cindy: 20 rounds (22 rounds) 
Angie: <20min (15 min)

I also set a PR in the box jump at 44 inches. Most importantly, I got my first muscle up during the quarter!

It has been a fantastic first quarter to the year, I jsut have to remain focused and keep pushing myself.  I'm trying to refine the motions int he lifts by using lighter weights.  Form is going to mean more and more as I try to get higher weights.  Jake and Evan are helping me a lot, but it's really going to come down to me taking the time to practice and practice some more.  

Refined Goals

I think I may use this week to try and set some of the PR's that I havn't tried in a while so I can fill in this a bit more.  But Below are my re-adjusted goals on some of the lifts I have completed my goals already on.

OHS:  I'd like to get to 190 by the end of the year.
Snatch: I'm shooting for 155 as my year end goal.
Isabel: I'd like to complete Isabel RX by the end of the year (30 - 135 lb snatches)
Karen:  Lets try to get about 8:15
Fran: Sub-5 minutes
Jerk: 225 is my new realistic goal
Clean: I'm shooting for 215 as my new Year end goal
Complete 10 MU's in under 3 min.

Hopefully the second quarter starts off well during the competition at BWI.  I think we're bringing 2 very good team for their respective divisions.  The rx team should do very well and will surely compete for the title,although every team will be bringing their best.  Our Scaled team (of which I'm a part of) should be good as well, I think we're a true scaled team as we can perform many of the movements but there are still a good deal that most of our team can not pull off.  

Recent WODS

There have been a bunch, here are a few

Toes to bar
Burpee box jump (24")

50 slam balls
2k row
50 ring pulls

50 over head squats (95lbs)
800 m run

Diane - 1 abmat for HSPU  9:01

4 rounds
400m run
25 slamballs (30lb)

There have been a few others but some are partner wods (topic of tomorrow's post)

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  1. This illustrates one of the reasons I stopped doing CrossFit. Lack of consistency in the lifts/movements. It was so long in repeating a lift, I couldn't set clearly defined goals. The infrequency also meant I lost strength in my core lifts: squat, deadlift and press (redundantly known as "shoulder press") all went down. I'm not sure about bench press.

    I prefer a consistent and progressive routine, I personally get more out of it that way.