Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Life gives you lemons...

So the past week has been a bit hectic for me.  Had some pretty life changing things happen which makes some other even more life changing things a bit more difficult to handle.

Let's start with the bad news....I got laid off from my job.  It was not completely unexpected.  I worked in the solar power industry and it has been getting destroyed by some things that are out of the control of the company.  I don't fault the company or hold any ill will towards them, it was simply something that had to be done.  That does not make it any easier on me as there is something else big in my life happening (gotta wait til next Monday for this announcement).  Being without a job has left me with something everyone craves...a lot of free time.

So here is where I start making my lemonade.  Instead of going to the bar after I heard the news, which I wanted to do, I went to the gym early.  I started using my free time to my advantage.  It doesn't cost me anything extra to go to the gym more and it keeps me active and takes my mind off of my predicament.  So I have started doing 2 a days for the past week.

Benefits of doing this:

*  Keeps me on a schedule:  I'm not sleeping in everyday and becoming lazy.  I get up and try to be at the gym around 8 and stay for an hour or two before coming home and starting the networking/ job hunting process.

*  Keeps me full of energy:  Getting a good workout in the morning is keeping my energy and optimism up.  I'm not getting down on myself or mopping around.  When I have a phone interview, it will keep me sounding confident rather than desperate.

* Improves strength:  I really want to work on my strength a bit more each morning.  Meaning I will maybe do shoulder presses twice a week and can work on my deadlift.  I can take my time without being in the structured class setting.

*  Improves Skills:  I can also work on skills a bit more.  I can work on my HSPU or my double unders, or even my muscle up (haven't done this yes, but it's on the program for tomorrow),  most importantly for me, I will work on my form on the Oly lifts.  Especially the snatch.

* Goat Killer:  Today I did 3 sets of 20 walls balls.  Tomorrow I'm gonna work more on my front squat and depth.  I want to attack some goats I have to try and improve.

So there are a great number of benefits I have from doing this type of set-up.

But...I'd still trade the extra workout for a good job close to home.

I'll post later today with some WOD's I've done recently.

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