Thursday, April 12, 2012

WODS for the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge

The WODS have been released for my first team competition and well...I'm only REALLY nervous about one of them.  Here they are..followed by my thoughts and goals

WOD #1

2 guys and 2 girls as a team complete
120 Chest to bar pull-ups (regular pull-ups for scaled)
120 Overhead squats (115-85 for rx) ( I assume 95/65 for scaled)
120 over the bar burpees
600 meter prowler push (140/90 I think)
Courtesy of  Met Con Photo's (Who will be there this weekend BTW)

WOD #2

1 guy and 1 girl who did NOT do WOD #1
Snatch Ladder starting at 95/65

WOD #3

Any 2 guys and 2 girls

10 minute AMRAP Rope Climbs

While someone is climbing, the remaining teammates must hold an axle off the ground.  If it falls you lose a rope climb.  Score is Total rope climbs minus axle drops.  Still unknown is whether the scaled division will be completing rope climbs.


There will be 2 wods for all teams on Sunday...then a final WOD for the top 5 Scaled teams.  They will not be released until Saturday.

My Thoughts.

WOD #1:  Should be ok.  I don't have much experience pushing a prowler, but I have done it before.  The pull-ups and OH Squats I think we'll do ok on.  The burpees comes down to strategy.  How many does each person do at a time?  How often should we switch?  I'll talk to my team and I'm confident we'll have a great strategy going in!

WOD # 2:  Based on who we have going in, I think the team will do very well in this event.

WOD #3:  Oh...Shit...  Our box is at a huge disadvantage here as we don't have a rope station.  But, we used to and we all know HOW to climb a rope...but we're not very fluent in it.  Let's hope we don't pull a Froning and lose cause of this event.

This is the only time I can think of to use Rich Froning in a negative light...for those who are not in the know...Rich (the 2011 Worlds Fittest Man) was in first place going into the 2010 games final event, but did not have the skills necessary to climb a rope when fatigued.  He ended up coming in, I think, second place cause of it.  Obviously, he has made up for it by winning in 2011 and learned to climb a rope more efficiently.

Recent WOD'S

50 Wall Balls (20 lb)
50 2 pood KB swings
Time: 6:44

20 min amrap of
200m run
10 toes 2 bar
5 hand stand push ups
I got 7+206 and actually did this RX!  Wooo!  I'm really getting the HSPU kip down.

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  1. You can come visit us at Crossfit 717 in Harrisburg to practice rope climbs. We have 2 ropes, a smooth and a coarse.not sure of drop in fees though. Sunday's are open gym from 10-2. Again not sure of drop in them from the website. Daily