Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Competition Coming up!

Please excuse the lack of posting.  There has been a LOT going on in my life recently and there will be some big changes for me...but more on that in a later post.  

A few months ago I saw that there was going to be, what I thought was, a large team competition in Maryland. The best part for me was that there would be a scaled division...which meant I could participate if I could put together a team.  I asked a few people and was able to throw together a decent scaled men's team, none of the members would be considered firebreathers, but we can all hold our own in a scaled competition.  The difficulty in throwing the team together was gathering enough woman.  It's not that the woman at my gym are not physically able to do it, they are, it's that some of them lack the confidence to put themselves out there.

The other problem is social schedules...but we can ignore that one for the sake of this post. 

This goes for males and females out there.  YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.  Keep telling yourself that.  It's true.  Will you win the crossfit games?...no.  But you are good enough to compete with others at a similar ability level.  Not that I always think I'm good enough, I too have a lot of self doubt, but one thing that I'm not scared of is throwing myself into a competition.  I lose....a lot.  And you prolly will too, but you will push yourself as well.  It will not be like that dream you had where you were crossfitting naked in front of your crush.  If you lose no one will point and laugh...if anything they will support and push you even further.  

I know a few things about competing as a team.  I know you will give everything you have if you are competing for something more than yourself.  And your teammates know that.  The only way you will disappoint them is if you give up (or do something truly boneheaded).  That's the only way I'd be disappointed with anyone on my team.  If one of the lifts is to lift something that they physically can't lift, but they spend the allotted time trying and killing them self to lift it...well I'll be happy to call them my teammate.  

Remember that as you go forward.  If you push yourself and fail, no one can fault you.  The only way to lose respect of your teammates is to quit.  

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