Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation....from everything

Last week was my first ever "Guys Golf Vacation" in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  It was really a good time, except that a week was a bit long.  During hte vacation I did everything I did before Crossfit.  I ate HUGE meals, snacked on fried food, sat on the couch and did nothing, and most importantly...drank my weight in beer.  I likely put on around 5lbs and definitely lost any definition I was starting to gain.
yeah..this is about right.  

Why did I do this?

Mostly cause I just needed to let loose. It felt good even with the consequences.  I'm committed to crossfitting but I don't let the crossfitting define who I am.  Sure I want to look great and be healthy, but I've said all along I do it so I can enjoy weeks like last week.  Some people do it so they can go to regionals or the crossfit games, and if I had the genetic make-up, or the time, to accomplish that I would take it more seriously too.  But that is not what I want with my life.  I want to be able to have golf weeks with buddies into my 70' great would that be?  And spending 40-45 weeks a year being healthy and another 5-10 being less than healthy should allow me to do that.

I hope.

One drawback to the week was I overslept and missed my chance to do 12.5  so I had no score to submit.  but fret not I will do the workout tomorrow (Thursday) and figure out where I would have fallen so I have an accurate measure for next year!

Congrats to everyone that made it through Opens!

An even bigger congrats to my former trainer Mike Abgarian for coming in 6th in the mid-atlantic, Molly for coming in 33rd, and Evan for coming in 45th!!!!!

 AND to the Crossfit 610 team for coming in 12th and qualifying for regionals!   Amazing job guys!

This week...I get back at it!  Time to prep for the Mid-Atlantic affiliate challenge.

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