Friday, March 2, 2012

First Try at 12.2 "Satan's Snatches"

Pre-Anger.  75lbs over head

This is a perfect name for this workout, thank you reader Chris.  I completed my first go at it last night and it certainly was a bit of hell.  The 75 lb round was easy, was through it in about 2 minutes or so and did not rush at all.  I knew it was the second round of 135 lb snatches that were going to get me…and for once, I was right.

It took me at least 10 tries to get that 135 over my head.  With each failure I could feel my blood pressure going up.  On that 10th fail I finally lost it.  I dropped to my knee, yelled, then punched the floor.  I’m sure you’re asking “why punch the floor?”  and I have no real answer for you.  I just needed to vent.  Luckily for me, my hand didn’t break (but hurt pretty bad).  As I approached the bar for my next attempt, that anger was still there and I just let loose everything I had….and boom…bar was over my head. One.

This is what I think happens to me when I'm angry.  I go Super Saiyan. In reality...I just look kind of stupid.

By the time the clock hit zero I had managed to channel that anger into 5 reps (two in the last 30 seconds).  My final score…35.  Not great at all, but a big moral victory for me.  Big shout out to Fox for coaching me through it a bit, definitely helped get those 5 in. I do plan on completing this a second time on Sunday so we’ll see how that goes for me.

I thought about what others can possibly learn from my experience and I think it comes down to the following

For weight Training (going for PR’s)

- Get angry
- Focus that anger into the bar
- FORM! FORM! FORM!  do whatever you can to keep good form…that includes NOT watching me and my form
- Control Breathing
- DO NOT GIVE UP.  I don’t care if you can barely move the keep trying until that clock is at zero.
- Music should be angry music, think hardcore rap or heavy metal.

Now, as I wrote this I realized there are times where this is not the answer. (listen to your parents kids..violence is not the answer)

Tips for endurance

- Stay focused
- Be calm with yourself.
- Control your breathing (in a different way than with weight lifting)
- Go to your happy place
- Focus on something other than running/biking/swimming…
- Music should be calming but with a good beat.

In the end, it really comes down to finding what works for you.  But I think I found what works for me.  Good luck to all competitors out there, whether in the crossfit open or elsewhere!

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