Saturday, March 17, 2012

12.4 Karen is PMS'ing

Ew.  Yeah.  This was a hard one.  I feel like I say that a lot but this one I'm still hurting from.  Here is what it entailed.

12 min amrap

150 Wall Balls - This is where you throw a 20lb medicine ball at a 10 foot target...oh and you have to do a full squat each time.

90 Double - Unders - The rope must pass under your feet twice

30 Muscle ups - yeah...didn't get any of these.

Dude really doesn't have a neck.

It was a really tough workout.  150 wall balls is a classic crossfit workout named Karen.  I always have trouble cracking 10 PR on this is 9:50.  So assuming I did that, it would have only left me 2 min for double unders and hopefully some time to TRY a muscle up.


I started with 34 straight wall balls.  BAD IDEA.  I was cooked after that.  I then broke them up into sets of between 5 and 10.  I was hurting bad.  My shoulders were on fire.  But I finished stage one in about 9:25ish.  WOO new Karen PR (well the workout named Karen PR...I've def done Karen (the person) faster).  ;-)

Double problem.  Broke them up into sets of 30.  First 30 went fine.  Second 30 went ok.  messed up during the third 30 and did 15-9-6.  But regardless was done them in just a lil over a minute.  Leaving me about 1 minute to attempt a muscle up.  I failed.  I was really upset I failed, but looking at the scores being submitted made me feel better.

Looks like finishing the DU's gets me into around the top 50%...that makes me very happy.  But obviously a lot of improvement to be made.  I gotta get y motor up to try and get Karen completed in under 8 min.

I CAN do a muscle up..kinda.  Still can't do one from a dead hang, but I'm getting there.  See video below!

I decided NOT to try this one again.  My quads are burning big time and my shoulders are shot.  Instead I did my normal programming.

I'm heading to Myrtle Beach this week so I might be a little distant on posts, but I will get one or 2 up next week.  I make no promies on the content...I will likely not be sober while typing.


12.4 : 240 (all the wall balls and double unders)


10 min amrap as a team

one person carries 2 dumb-bells 200m while the other does push presses
I did 4 walks/runs with 45lb dumb-bells


10 min amrap

20 box jumps
while other person is jumping then am-mats are being completed

I did 7+19 rounds of box jumps.

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