Friday, March 9, 2012

12.3 Now we're getting into some real s**t

This is the type of stuff I was expecting when I signed up for the open.  A triplet!

18 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

15 box jumps (24")

12 push press (115 lb)

9 Toes to bar

I do have a question for everyone..who is worse at inflicting pain.  The folks at Crossfit HQ or the team from fear factor?   I think it's a toss up.

In the previous two workouts, I was able to do try once then have a repeat.  This time, I'm aiming for the one and done approach.  18 minutes is a long time, and 115lbs on the push press is a lot of weight for me.  My body will be toast for a while after this one.  I did one round on Thursday night and I know I'm in for a load of pain.  I will be officially completing the WOD tomorrow morning at 11am.

Observations & Tips

- The push press is killing people.
- People are taking their time on the toes to bar
- box jumps are a time to breathe
- The best are able to do everything unbroken
- 6 and 6 is a great way to break up the push press if needed
- Jerking is acceptable, so do it to save your shoulders
- You CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK.  You do NOT need to rest as much as you think.
- Push past your idea of uncomfrotable

When Do You Workout?

This morning I decided to attend the 6am class to root on my wife and the other 6am competitors.  I know they are at a slight disadvantage  because they typically lose out on the atmosphere of 10's of people yelling (they might have 2-3).  I also think they deserved to have some photos taken to brag about the insane amount of work they put in.

In my experience, I've noticed that my WOD results are low when I attend the 6am.  This is ok during normal WOD's but these WOD's count for something.  I've even read several articles that said working out in the morning is best because that is when a male's testosterone is at it's highest which yields the best results.    I'm not sure how true it is, but I'll believe anything when it comes to working out.

of course, everyone needs to find that time which works best for them.  I usually just find the time that fits best into my schedule and allows me the most sleep.  Remember...sleep=recovery=best results!

Recent WOD's

10 to 1 thrusters and ring dips (10 of each first round, 9 the second...down to 10
13:51  (95lb thrusters) Missed doing the thrusters unbroken by messing up on the round of 5. Grrr.
Cash-out: 30 slam-balls for time-0:56  (30 lb)

5 min amrap (5 burpee box jumps 10 abmat sit-ups)
rest 5 min
7+1 then 6+4

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