Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Closing Thoughts on 12.2

Well it's over.  Finally.  That workout was terrible for me.  I tried a redo at it on Sunday but just could not muster the strength to beat 35..I got 31.  What's worse, for me at least, is that I finished dead last in my box (at least out of people who signed up for the open).  

How do you deal with that kind of ego blow?

you shake it off that's how.  But I do not mean just forget about it.  I mean do not let it affect your future performance.  In fact, I'm going to remember this for a long time and use it as fuel to get better.  I don't like feeling this way.  I feel weak. But I know that's not entirely true.  That workout was just not a strong point for me.  
I hate you 135 lbs.  I hate you so much.

After looking at these pictures I think I might try spreading my arms more.  Might help.

It is kind of cool to know now that I have a specific area that I need to work on more.  And I will.  I think starting next week I might debut a new workout reginemnt that I have been toying with.  It is still crossfit but I want to supplement it to increase my gains.  Still need to chat with my coach about it though.

Let's hope that 12.3 plays into some of my strengths..or  at least isn't a glaring weakness.  Come on double unders!


WOD 12.2

Worldwide: 24065/31243 (better than 23% of male participants)
Mid-Atlantic:  2008/2572 (Better than 22% of male participants)


Worldwide 20654/31402 (better than 35% of males)
Mid-Atlantic: 1678/2566  (better than 35% of males)

WOD yesterday

on the minute for ten minutes do 3 pull-ups
then max reps power cleans at 75% 1rm (145 for me)
Score is tabata style.

I got 4 because on the 5th round I screwed up.  rounds 6-10 I was done the 4 with at least 12 seconds to spare.  

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