Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughts on the second workout 12.2

Oh man.  Crossfit HQ really wants us to hurt.  The movement of choice is ……..THE SNATCH

WOD 12.2

10 min AMRAP
30 snatches (75/45)
30 snatches (135/75)
30 snatches (165/100)
Remaining time AMRAP 30 snatches (210/125)

Now, once you stop giggling from saying snatch so much you start to realize how insane this workout it.  The good news is that you can do any form of snatch (muscle, power, squat, split) so no worries about getting low enough on the squat.

The bad news is that it is a snatch and it is so technique oriented. So when I’m tired I am going to have to really try and stay focused on the many facets of the movement.  I have gotten 135lbs exactly once.  That is it.  I saw this and immediately went “oh shit” .  Then I watched the standards video and saw what Dan Bailey and Rich Froning did and my jaw was on the floor.  In 10 minutes they got 95 and 98 respectfully.  That.  Is. INSANE.  Good to see they didn’t just let the publicity get to their heads.  I mean really?  Come on guys.  Make us believe we have a chance (and by “we” I mean the other elite guys).

Gold Goal: 40
Silver Goal: 35
Bronze Goal: 31

Going to push myself to my lifting limits on this guy.

The number to win the world will be…105.  (fun to guess).  What is your guess?

As you may know, my goal for the open is to beat mega-trainer Bob Harper.  The first week was not good for me with him getting 118 burpees compared to my 98.  This week I may have a chance.  I’m not sure how his oly lifts are but I can’t imagine him getting past 135…let’s hope I’m right.  But I do know one thing..he knows I’m shooting for him (or at least whoever manages his twitter feed knows).

I got to him on Twitter

Recent Wods


5 rounds
400m run, 25 du’s, 15 HSPU (1 abmat)  [20 min time cap]
4+438 (2 HSPU from finishing)


21-15-9  pull-ups – row for caloris
5:12  (happy I did the 21 pull-ups unbroken)

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