Monday, February 27, 2012

Reflections on 12.1

It's over.  And by over I mean the first of 5 grueling workouts.  In my previous post I mention that I was unsure of whether I was disappointed or not in my performance.  Well...After more thought I decided that I was not happy and I thought I could do I did.

I was visiting friends outside of Boston this weekend and was able to find a box near where I was staying.  Crossfit Florian, whose name is wicked cool.  St. Florian is the patron Saint of firefighters and this box was owned by a few of Boston's bravest.  VERY cool name, also a very cool place.  The coach there who judged me was incredibly helpful in pushing me through the WOD, even though I felt bad about asking to judge me rather than doing the group WOD (Barbara, which by the way was cool to hear in a Boston accent)

I was hungover (6-10 beers the night before).
I was Tired (<4 hours sleep).
I didn't stop.

I improved from 93 to 98 burpees.  Even though I was struggling in the final minute he pushed the shit out of me and I was able to get 18 in the final minute.

I don't know if I have ever hurt from a workout more...Fran might be the only thing close.

I did not reach my original goal, but I can say that when I did the workout, I gave it my all.  Maybe without the hangover I get the triple digits, but I'm at peace with it.


Ahh...the all important standings.

I finished in 14,658 out of roughly 34,000 people worldwide (beat 57% of male participants)
I finished in 1160 out of 2820 in the region (beat 59% of male participants)

In my box I was 12 out of 17 male participants.

A big shoutout to Mike who finished 3rd in the region and Evan who pumped out 134 in one try.  Our best female was Molly with 121 .

Crossfit 610 is currently 7th in the region, great job team!

Next up...workout 12.2.  What kind of surprises do you expect?  And did anyone see the guy do 161..holy shit that was crazy...actually I'm finding it and posting it below.  Drago has nothing on this guy.