Thursday, February 2, 2012

5 Reasons I Try to Get my Friends to CrossFit

5. I want them to be healthy:

This is the least motivating of the 5 reasons for getting my friends in to Crossfit.  Of course I want my friends to be healthy but really, it's their lives..they can do what they want.  I'm just trying to nudge them to my side cause if they are committed to health, it makes it a hell of a lot easier for me.

4. It would help me:

I'm a selfish person at times and having those I know there always pushes me a bit more.  If I know a close friend is in the room, I'm gonna work harder to prove something to them.

3. I want to see them more: 

let's face it...Crossfit has started to become the top leisure time priority in my life.  I always WANT to be at the gym, I want to work on my many weaknesses.  I'd love to hang out with my friends more, but I'd rather do it without alcohol and fried food involved.  What better way than at the gym?  

2. These trainers/box owners deserve it: 

 Every box owner I've met truly cares.  They do.  Evan, Mike, Molly, Haney, Steph, Mike..... They all want you to succeed.  They will go out of their way to help you. I can't quite figure out why they care so much..but they do and it's a very comforting feeling.   They deserve just a little bit from me. What can I do?  To show them that I care about them I can try to recruit for them.  What happens if they have more money....then the gym gets more/better equipment (again, cause they care about the members I know it won't go, exclusively, in their pocket).  It's win-win.

1. I want to beat you:

 This is the number 1 reason I want my friends in the gym.  I want to beat them.  Each of my close friends is about on par with me athletically.  Some are a bit stronger, some a bit faster, some maybe more coordinated, but we are all pretty equal.  I want them in the gym to compete with me, so I can beat them.


It was a rest day after 4 days of Wodding.  Today is a go to the gym in the workplace day, first time there..lets see how this goes...eeek.

On another note..I've signed up for the crossfit games open!   Not expecting to do great, but it will be awesome to see where I am compared to 100,000 other people.  Let's hope for beating 20% of them!

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