Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ROM and a PERFECT Crossfit Video


I used to associate this with computers (CD-ROM).  Now it means range of motion.  It is important in many crossfit movements, especially anything that is squat based.  To be counted as a rep, the squat must go below parallel.  So your butt must go below your knee. See image below.

 This is a constant struggle for me.  As I've stated in prior posts, I have no flexibility.  But recently I've been a bit more pro-active about increasing my ROM, through stretches gathered from the mobility WOD blog and asking some other members for help.  One thing I'm noticing is that I need to spread my knees.  Whenever I remember it it helps me a lot, but I need to get more in the habit of doing it.

Gotta keep WORKING.


My favorite quote:
"We will take something that is inherently challenging and make it a game"



150 - 20lb wall balls for time

This workout OWNS me


as a team of 4:
10k row
10k lbs dead lift
200 ring push-ups

Time: 22: something
I did 2,500m row and 12- 225  lb deadlifts and 50 ring push-ups.


Got to gym early so did a double WOD

wod 1: (made up by yours truly)
3 rounds
5 ring dips
10 ring push-ups
15 toes through rings

time: 6:40

wod 2:
10 min amrap
5 wall climbs
10 box jumps
5 pull-ups


Cash out: 5 min row total calories : 94

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