Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disappointment or happiness?

I completed the first workout of the Crossfit open.  I finished it but I can't say I killed it.  I went in with a goal of 100.  I actually only got 93.

How do I take this?  Did I fail? At first I felt a little okay with it since I know I did the best I could...but there is still this nagging "I could have done better" feeling in my gut.

1 extra burpee per minute and I'm at 100.  Just 1 measly burpee.
one of these a minute...that's it. I do it again?

I'm going to Boston this weekend and going out on Friday night leaving only Saturday to try it.  And it's so cardio intensive that a night out would likely ruin the chances of triple digits.  Not that I'm gonna get drunk, but even a few drinks could derail the chances.    

I think I may.  Even if I don't beat it, then I'll know I pushed myself.

I do want to say though, that watching the other people from 610 and feeling the enrgy in the room was A-MAZ-ING.  Having Linds screaming at me prolly added 5 reps to my score to I'm really appreciative of having those people around.


max reaching burpees (6 inches) in 7 minutes

Score: 93


  1. Johnny here, I think #1 you did very well and like you wanted to do- kept moving. #2 I think it'd be worthwhile to repeat the workout, even with a few drinks (maybe 2? 3 max) I thought I would share a short story. As you might know I ran track in college. My best workout of my running career occured after a night of pounding 40's, and running is ALL aerobic. I think this workout is all about mindset (positive, never-quit) and self-control (steady pace). PS You were high up in the google search results today!

  2. I agree, I don't think a few drinks will have as much as an impact as you might think. You'll just burn off the acetone, if there's still any left in your system.
    Do a few shots before hand, and you won't care that you're hurting :).
    That being said, you might do well to recover a bit before hitting it again.
    If you do it, and do better, will you get to submit your new results for the opens?

  3. Thanks guys. I just re-did it hungover this morning. Got to 98. My legs burned but didnt stop this time. My position under the bar I think helped me out more than anything. I'm happy to be done this one. Johnny, you'll get 120 your second time. Jerl, you shoudl do the wods even if you don't submit them. You can compare yourself to others on the leader board to see where you stand.

    Get at it!

  4. Nice job! I just did it today and got 98, bummed I didn't hit 100 but I am not re-doing it!

  5. Chris..way to go! I re-did and got to 98. That workout is super intense. People look at me funny when I say how hard it actually is. If you got a second go at it, I think you would surely hit 100, everyone I've talked to has improved in a second attempt.