Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My First Try at Motivating

So recently at work (I try not to say where I work..lets keep somethings private) I floated the idea of running a biggest loser contest.  It is something that was done here a few years ago, before I started at the workplace, and it seemed like there was some excitement around the plan.  I volunteered to run the contest since everyone says I have no more weight to lose...I do, but I wasn't going to argue with them.

So I've decided to try and be motivation for everyone and maybe..just maybe..I can impact their lives in a small but meaningful way.  Besides..I'm a former Biggest Loser Champion (See this article), so I should know everything about how to win..right?

Well, no.  But I do know a little so I'm trying.  Besides, I recently discovered that I want to learn to teach crossfit (someday, in maybe 2013) and this is a good test to see if I have what it takes to motivate.

Here are some tips that I mentioned in the first meeting.
  1. Don't weigh yourself every day.   It's counterproductive.  At best you'll see minimal differences which COULD help motivate you, but more than likely you'll get discouraged by the small differences.  You'll start saying things like "but I ran 5 miles did I put ON weight".  It takes time for your body to adjust.  Weigh in once a week at most (per contest rules) and if you're not in a contest then do it once a month.
  1. Drink Water.  Sports Drinks are terrible for you unless somehow you're sweating profusly for LONG periods of time.  You get plenty of "electrolytes" in your food every day.  Water, clear water with nothing in it is fantastic for you.  Half of your weight in ounces a day will be great.  Just expect to run to the rest room often.
  2. Lift Weights. Although I'm trying to not sound like a paid spokesman for crossfit, I did have to tell everyone that weights are your friend.  Muscle increases metabolism and will make you feel better about yourself as your body tones up.  Even if you can't lose the last few pesky pounds, at least you'll love the way you look. People, especially those sans-penis, need to know that you won't turn into the some man beast because you lift weights for an hour a need some un-natural form of enhancement (typically). (for fun click here)
  3. Gain Accountability somehow.  That is what this blog was intended to do.  You notice there are no ads anywhere...but knowing there are readers keeps me motivated.  Put your weight online. That fear of judgement will keep you going.  It will be so nice to put your new weight on there in 8 weeks, while those nay-sayers are still trying to find a way off the couch.
  4. Most importantly...Skinny does NOT mean healthy.  You've all seen the "heroin" look in models.  What part of that is appealing?  Being too thin is just as risky as being overweight (notice i didn't say obese).  Feeling like you can run a marathon, or pick up that bag of kitty litter, is great.  Soon that number on the scale won't matter at all.  You'll be able to judge your health by just how you feel.  And from's a great feeling.

Big Butts are great...if they are earned by working and not by eating.
WOD (I'm still putting my workouts here)

Strength: 10min to find 1RM Deadlift
NEW PR!  350lbs

3 rounds
23 deadlifts (185#)
23 T2B
Time: 11:07
2 rounds
23 Sit-ups
Time: 3:16

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