Monday, February 6, 2012

No More Excuses for Eating like Crap

The Super Bowl ended the football season and it should end your excuse season too.  No more "but it's the holidays.."  and no more "but I'm going to a play-off party on Sunday.."  No mas.

We all use excuses for eating terribly at times.  I do it a lot.  I hit the vending machine at work like every day.  And although that snickers tastes amazing, I regret it 5 minutes later cause I know it's hurting me in my quest for a six pack.  Why do I make excuses...cause then it makes me feel better.  It makes me feel like I HAD to do it, like there was no other choice.

If you stop making excuses in your diet, it may filter down into other parts of your life.  No more excuses for wasting money, or keeping the house clean, or  not calling a good friend.  It will make an all around better you.

So stop making excuses.  February is the perfect time to start.  Nothing is going on in February worth celebrating.

So my tip for hte day is to write down EVERYTHING you eat.  From the piece of gum, to the big dinner you eat.  You'll be shocked at home much you end up eating in a day.  If you have a smart phone, then take a picture of everything. If you keep a blog, you can keep track like this.

Oh wait...there is Valentines day but I'm sure you can all find ways to "eat natural" that day (Don't take a picture of that).  ;-)

Saturday WOD

I did a lot on Saturday.  But I think I could have done more.

Regular WOD

25 - 225lb DL
800 meter run
1000 meter row

Time: 10:08 (pissed I didn't go sub-10)

Cash-out: 2 min amrap HRPU then 2 min amrap air squats
41 HRPU then 84 Air Squats - total: 125


Wanted to figure out 1rm Clean.   NEW PR of 190!


On the minute every minute for 10 minutes do 100m sprint

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