Thursday, February 16, 2012


In a little less than one week the first workout of the 2012 Crossfit Games Open will be released.  I have no illusions of grandeur. I'm not making it to the regionals, but I do need a goal.  After thinking about it, and doing a little research into his current abilities, I think my goal will be to be Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser.
Abs are for show.  Put them away.

Why choose Bob?  Well, although he's in incredible shape and is a world renowned trainer he is also fairly new to crossfit.  He states constantly that he loves crossfit and that he is going to compete in the opens so his scores will be public. Another big reason is cause he is better than me at Fran, but only by about 30 seconds and some of his lifts are on the same level as me.  I think if I really push myself I can compete with and possibly even beat Bob!

Another reason is so I can tell family members who don't understand crossfit or what I get out of it, that I have beaten the celebrity Bob Harper.  I might even garner a little bit of respect from them rather than a cynical look.

So Bob...whether you know it or not...I'm gunning for you.  I WILL push myself each week to beat you.  A reformed fatter WILL beat the master trainer.  For every other beginning crossfitter I encourage you to gun for Bob.  If you're in use the #BEATBOB hashtag!  
Yeah, that is the look you'll have when I beat you.

Are you game?



5 rounds w 20 min time cap
20 - 95lb push press
20 - 25lb half moons
20 - burpees

4+28 (just missed finishing)


"baby king kong"
1 - 300lb DL
2 - Musleups (or 4 get out of pools)  * I DID 1 MUSCLE UP in the WOD*
3 - 125lb squat cleans
4 -. HSPU 1 abmat

Cash-out: 500m row for time  1:35.7 *NEW PR*


7 rounds
7 2 pd KB swings
7 air squats
7 T2B


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