Thursday, February 23, 2012

First WOD of the 2012 Crossfit Open aka 12.1

It is upon us.  The start of the 2012 Crossfit open.  Myself and more than 50,000 other people eagerly waited for the announcement about the first workout at 8p.m. last night.  Then it came....

7 min amrap (as many reps as possible) of Burpees.  

I knew it was going to be something simple, that even people who just started crossfit could do, but I did not think it would be THIS simple.

My thoughts immediately went into goal setting.  

What should my goal be?  I knew what it was almost immediately...100.  I want triple digits.

Then I watched the video on standards....a 6 inch target must be touched on each rep....

Uhh ohhh...this might be harder than I thought.  

The reaction on the social media outlets was not exactly fact I think I read exactly one person excited for this workout.  And that is cause he destroys speed/body weight movements.  
Oh well.  It's time to go out and get at it.  Tonight I'll be doing my best to reach the century mark.  

Here is my strategy

1. Pace.  Not too slow but also don't blow it out in the first minute.
2.  Do.  Not.  Stop.   Keep moving no matter how tired I am. 
3.  Blow it out in the final minute.  This is much much easier said than done.

Simple.  Straight Forward.  

Here is my Athlete Page if you want to track my progress:

Other notes:  I can't wait to see the number Mike Abgarian puts up.  Also Chris Spealler will destroy this (I think)

Update:  Mike put up a 135 on his try today.  Awesome Job!  


1 mile timed run:  7:40  (after checking on google maps, it's actually 1.1 mile)

5 min amrap burpee pull-ups (figures)
3 min amrap ring dips
1 min amrap air squats

Total: 124

*UPDATE*  My wife (digital mustard) banged out 80 this morning!  I'm so incredibly proud of her.  She continues to surprise me in new ways every day.  I knew she had it in her to keep moving.  She has firebreather in her...just gotta find it and let it out!  Great Job Karen!

Why arn't you doing the open?  (Image stolen from: Here)

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