Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Eating is not a marriage.  You have to cheat sometimes.  It's natural and it will keep you sane.  The key is to control the cheats. Below are some Do's and Don'ts

DO Reward yourself with a cheat
DON'T cheat if you have no earned it

Like training a dog you should reward yourself for doing well.  But do not give yourself a treat if you bite hte mailman.

 Left:  Good.  Right:  Too much.

DO get a snickers bar
DON'T get a king size snickers bar

You are cheating for the taste, not to fill yourself up.  Give yourself a regular sized piece of candy, or a 2 scoop sundae.  You don't need the 5 scoop mega sundae or the entire box of swedish fish (I've done it).  get that sweet taste and cherish it.

DO enjoy the treat
DON'T think you have to go extra hard at the gym to work that cheat off

It will come off normally during your workouts.  No need to go extra hard if you cheat once a week.

All in all, just be cognizant of what you are doing.  You'll start to enjoy that candy more rather than just swallowing it.  In the end, you'll enjoy life more.


500m row
150 DU's
50 Burpees

Time: 7:50

Then did 106 DU's in a row (video below)
then did 6 T2B in a row which is a huggge accomplishment for me.  Thanks Brad!

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