Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good and Bad In People

Just got my 140lb Snatch.  Notice the spectators on the left yelling.  It was great!  Thanks guys! (Image:
 What blew me away the most during the event was the number of spectators.  It was not just athletes, in fact I’d bet athletes were outnumbered 3-1 by spectators.  What was great about all the spectators was that most were not only cheering on their friend or box mate, they were cheering each and every competitor on.  When someone struggled with a lift, you could hear the decibel level go up.  It was really great.

Most importantly for me was how many fellow crossfit 610ers were there showing support for those competing.  I know Molly was very thankful for all your help in setting up, cleaning, judging…. But from my point of view it was that support during WODs that was most noticeable, I swear it helped me a lot in that snatch ladder.  From yelling out tips to just screaming "GET ON THE BAR!" although I can't remember specifics, I can remember hearing a positive vibe.  So thank you very much, it just keeps reinforcing that community atmosphere that we all built at 610.  
You can see me in the back getting my 115lb snatch.  (credit:

The bad that I noticed was how some athletes snapped at judges.  It was rare, but it did happen.  From "oh come on" to "that was a rep!" and on to "I know I was there!".  Shut up.  Are your eyes below your chin?  no..ok then you don't KNOW you're there.  See, when you're doing your normal WOD at your box, you will let yourself get away with a few questionable reps, no big deal...but when at a competition suddenly you can't do that.  The judges there are doing the best they can (and let's note here that they are volunteers).  Of course, I understand emotions are high and you're tired and you just want to finish but channel that anger into legit reps and if you get no rep'd then just go harder on the next rep.  If worst comes to worst, make it through that event and then make sure you don't get the same judge for the next one.

Mike said it best...don't waste reps and don't waste time arguing about whether something was judged correctly.  Just go out there and get it done.

(personal note:  I have screamed at umpires in baseball, football, and even got into a heated debate with a golf official once, so I'm just as guilty as anyone else here.  Just thought I would throw it out there.)

WOD Yesterday

Strength: 10 minutes 3 Power Cleans at 85% 1RM at the minute. (145)

5 rounds
12 -1.5 pood KB Snatch
12 - T2B
12 Burpees
Time: 15:41

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