Monday, January 2, 2012

A Glance at the Past, a snapshot of the present, and a peak into the future


Wow..what a difference a year can make.  I never knew what I couldn't do until I tried to do it.  It started with me thinking I was an awesome athlete and strong enough to get by, then I weighed myself and realized I was at almost 190 lbs on a my tiny frame.  Then came "the biggest loser" through the ROC social club, one visit to a crossfit box later..I was hooked.  I still vividly remember telling Mike that Karen and I were gonna try the crossfit thing, his reaction was classic...him going without any doubt in his voice "you're going to win".  the confidence he had was kinda infectious.

Then came elements 1.  Which I puked during.  After I puked, while I was resting and thinking I was done for the day, he came up and said "why don't you hop on the rower now".  What?  Really?  I was hooked.  Elements 1 was the single most enlightening experience of my life.  Suddenly I knew what I didn't know.  And what I didn't know was that I was weak.  Both mentally and physically.

Here are some metrics on where I began crossfit at in 2011

Back Squat: 185
Push Press: 95 lbs
Bench Press: 110 lbs
Box Jumps: 20 inches
Pull ups:  I wish
Wall Ball: 10 lb
Double Unders:  haha right.
Clean: <95 lbs
HSPU: not even close but could do 2 abmats

Some of those numbers I'm being generous with myself on and I'm not putting the benchmark wods in there right now.


Today I am in much better shape than I was to start 2011.  Although, I will say I'm not in the best shape of my life (that was right before Vegas) but I will be there soon.

Back Squat: 255+
Push Press: 145 lbs
Bench Press: 155 lbs
Box Jumps: 36 inches+
Pull ups:  Last try was 22 straight
Wall Ball: 20 lb
Double Unders:  114 in a row
Clean: 170 lbs
HSPU: got 11 in a row

Goals for 2012:

I'm going to stick with the cliche and put some goals for 2012 here.  I'll put 2 for each movement, one is a realistic goal and the second will be something I'd really have to push myself to achieve.

Back Squat: 300 (2x body weight)
Push Press: 175 (185)
Bench Press: 200 lbs
Pull ups:  30 in a row (50)
Clean: 200 (225)
HSPU: consistent in a wod
Shoulder Press: 135 (155)

Jerk:  200 (225)
OHS: 155 (BW)
2000m row: 7:15 (<7)
Snatch: 135 (155)

Annie: <7 min (6:30)
Karen: <9 min (8:30)

Helen: <8min (7:30)
Grace: <5 min (4 min)
Fran: <7 min (<6min)
Cindy: 20 rounds (22 rounds)
Angie: <20min (15 min)

There.  It is in writing.  It means I have to man up to these goals.  Notice there is not a weight goal or a body shape goal.  If I can achieve all of these, the looks and the weight will be a by product.

I am going to do a better job of tracking my wods both online and in this great journal I got from   It will help a lot to be organized and able to better track my progress.


6 rounds
30 seconds of thrusters followed by 2:30 of rest.

36 total was my score (6,7,5,6,7,5) @ 125lbs

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