Friday, December 30, 2011

I Got the Magic Stick

No...not that magic stick..if only...

No, I have something that makes all my muscles feel at ease. Or at least a little in a little less pain.  It is creatively called "the stick" and using it for about 10 minutes after a tough workout really helps to alleviate some pain and can help keep me loose.  Combining this with a foam roller can really get some of those knots out of the body.

the magic stick

This was just one part of a fantastic Christmas gift from my wife.  It included the stick, a rev. x jump rope (which I attribute to me getting 114 double unders the other day), an abmat, inov 8 shoes (which are awesome, another post later), wrist wraps, a life as rx wod bag (which is really small), a shaker,  and hand protectors.  All were things I had wanted and are really great.  Totally unexpected and completely appreciated.  Will any of it make me a better crossfitter....well no, but at least I'll look the part. She got it all from again faster which is a great site for the odds and ends for crossfit equipment.

Finally my schedule is slowing down and I'll have a lot more time to try and entertain all of you with my crossfit skillz...or lack there of.

This morning WOD

20 get out of the pools (in leui of 10 muscle ups which I still can't do)
100 75lb push press
1000m row

Time: 12:50

Which I thought was an ok time...then I watched Fronning do it.  He got 6 something and did the 100 push presses unbroken.  Monster.  But for us non beasts, the way I broke the 100 up was a set of 20 then sets of 10.  I really tried to focus on limiting my rest once I got to about 70.  I wish I focused on less rest more for the entire set of 100.

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