Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crossfit Erotica

Another reason I love going to the gym is some of the laughs you can have there.  Whether it be laughing at someones wardrobe...or busting someones chops it can always be a good time.  What can also be fun is some of the crossfit/ olympic lifting vocabulary.  There are several double  double entendre ( A figure of speech in which a spoken phrase is devised to be understood in either of two ways. Often the first (more obvious) meaning is straightforward, while the second meaning is less so: often risqué or ironic.)

The most obvious dirty double entendre is the snatch. It can either be an Olympic lift..or a slang term for vagina.  

Here is the snatch that we do at crossfit (and olympic lifters do at the olympics)

In its most simple definition it is raising the bar from the ground to overhead in one movement.  Although saying that is like saying a golf swing is simply hitting a ball with a golf club.  It is very technical.  I equate it to the golf swing of crossfit.  There is so much going on and being out of line in one place can limit how successful you are at the snatch (and also the golf swing).

Lately I have been concentrating on this movement to try and increase my one rep max.  My snatch is a bit of a train wreck right now but slowly, with the help of my trainers and a some other crossfitters, I am learning the proper technique.  Of course, I had to post on Facebook about how I've been obsessed with snatching...this led to the most hilarious...and dirty...series of comments I've seen on Facebook.

It starts innocent enough with just a little dirty-ness thrown in there by me.  Then it just takes off!

I need to note here that these are females writing these comments!  (the first one was written in by my wife with her quick wit.

As these comments are streaming in I can't stop laughing.  It is hilarious.

I hope you all can have as much fun as we do with our workouts!

Saturday WOD


1 mile run
21 C + J (135 lbs)
1/2 mile run
21 C + J (135 lbs)
1 mile run

time: 36:28

Then I practiced snatching for about 25 minutes.  I got 125lbs for the first time!  But only got it once.  :-(   Gotta keep working on it!

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