Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Run Dennis...Runnnnnn

I'm way too tired to write a long post about one thing or the other, so I'll just go into my workout.


Strength 7 x 1 86% of 1RM full Snatch
WOD  Run 1 mile for time then rest 3 minutes before doing a 4 minute AMRAP of one of your goats

Strength:  I think I am slowly starting to get used to doing this motion.  I felt a TON better than I did when I first did it last week.  I felt like my max was a little low, but more practice is needed to get this technical motion down.  

I did the 1 mile run in 8:06 and then did 56 ring dips (with the purple band)

The ring dips are a big goat for me because I would like to be able to do a muscle up in the relatively near future (next 3 months).  My triceps were burning afterward!  It was a good burn though.
I'm last on the list..almost missed class!

Breakfast (3): 3 HB Eggs, grapes, strawberries, nuts
Lunch (3)     :  chicken garden salad with balsamic dressing, carrots, blueberries
Snack (2)    : Plum, nuts
Snack(2)     : Protein
Dinner(2)    : Mixed veggies, taco turkey meat (no taco shells)

Total: 14 points on the day (there were 2 of the "bonus" points)

Gotta take tomorrow off because of a big meeting at work that requires me to get in a little early and to stay a little late.  No big deal, I already have 2 wod's and 2 good bike rides in so my body can use the day to repair itself.  

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