Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Which Phillie Would be The Best at CrossFit?

This is a question that popped in my head while I was watching Doc own the Padres on Sunday.  Of course all the Phillies players, Iron Pigs, Thrashers, Phillies Dominican league players...they would all beat the crap out of me at just about any CrossFit workout but I am trying to Narrow it down here!

First, the honorable mention players.

Roy Halladay: This guy has legs like tree trunks and a work ethic that rivals anyone (or so I'm told by reporters).  He never quits and tries to go the distance during every start.  He would have been in the top 3 had he not had that lil heat problem in Chicago.

Choooooooooch:  Even though he's the man..and the most hilarious post game interview in the history of earth, he just is not in my top 3 potential crossfitters.

Ryan Howard:  yeah he's a tank.  yeah he's diesel.  But he's alos a big teddy bear, yeah I said it.  His smile just makes me think he's too nice to really kill the workouts.  If he had some more outbursts like he did on that asshat ump last year that tossed him I would put him in the top 3, maybe even number 1!
You don't piss off the big piece 
My top 3

3.  Jimmy Rollins:  He's the man to beat.  He's fast, super strong, and has a heart of a champion.  I think he can do anything fast.  He is losing some points for thinking he can do anything.  Come on Red chose Jimmy Rollins to try and break the batted ball record?  Red Bull would have to give Jimmy more than wings, that ball needed a rocket attached to it to have any chance at all.

2.  Chase Utley:  If you know me, you'd be shocked that I have him at number 2 but I just can't look past that knee.  I do think he would do every single workout unbroken.  Why?  Cause chase Utley does not quit, that's why.  Harry Kalas called him the man which is more than enough to put him ahead of the rest of the Phils.

1.  Shane Victorino:   Just let his A.D.D. kick in and this guy will fly.  He's strong, cut, FAST, and has heart.  I know he hates to lose so he would not quit.  Have I mentioned how fast he is?  The crossfit workouts tie in well with his attention deficit disorder, by the time he  loses interest in one workout it will be time to move on to the next movement.  It's ideal for him!
They guy is CRAZY!

I'll put my trainer on the line here (he won't mind...I hope, and it's not like any Phillie would ever read this)  but if any of these Phillies can beat him in Fran I'll donate 250 Bucks to their charity. (Limit 1 Phillie and only if Mike accepts)


Strength: 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+ of Shoulder Press
WOD:  5 Rounds of 5 dead lifts then 10 burpees
then 2 minute AMRAP of a goat

Strength: Did 5 reps of the 95% weight!
WOD   : 5:28 at 195 lbs ( I wanted to do rx, but I would have hurt my back...bad.  Glad Mike downgraded me.


I know I've been bad at reporting my diets.  I'll get back to this soon.  It hasn't changed much, lots of eggs and salad.

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