Monday, August 1, 2011

It makes me want to punt a kitten

You all remember jump roping right?  Frolicking on the playground during recess, not a care in the world.  Maybe you sang songs and did double dutch....  awww memories.  

Well double unders are the complete opposite of that sweet memory.  Yes, it is still just jump roping but it is letting the rope pass twice under your feet.  Simple in concept, difficult in least when trying to do as many as you can in a specific amount of time.  It's all good once you get in a groove, but the second you mess up.  No big deal you tell yourself,  then you start going and boom you mess up after 2 more.  Ok, the blood pressure is a lil higher.  You try to get going again and boom, it gets caught in your shoe laces.  At that point I feel like kicking a kitten, or puppy, or anything that is in your path.  God help any cute furry little animal that comes near me.  It is THAT frustrating!


Strength:  40% x 5; 50% x 5; 60% x 5 back squat then full squat cleans 92% x 3 95% x 4
WOD  2 min on 2 min off double unders for 3 rounds.  Difference between the max and min you have to do burpee to box jumps.

Strength: I have to thank trainer Mike for taking the time to help me with my form on the full squat cleans.  I am going to keep working on my form, gotta get my back in check before going to the big weights!

WOD:  I did 267 double unders (89 each round). I likely could have gone to 100 in the second and third round but I knew the rules already.  I think that makes me a type 2 crossfitter...crap.

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