Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Takes The Edge Off

Before I get into the main purpose of this blog, I need to ask for your help.  I will be participating in Fight Gone Bad 6 at the piazza at Schmidts on September 17th.  Fight Gone Bad is a WOD that takes place every year and helps to raise funds for a few charities including one which makes sure that children of special operations soldiers who are killed have a full ride to college.  If you can donate anything please go to this link:   and help out.  Think of it as the breast cancer walk for crossfiters.

Now for the main event.  This week has been extrememly stressful on me at work and a little bit at home.   My car went kaput, I have a major document to finish before Friday, and my own neurotic thoughts about my job have all left me feeling stressed.  I have found though that CrossFit has really helped relieve some of that stress. (and so has this blog, thanks for that e-mail this morning Chris, I had been at work 3 hours already when you sent it and it put a smile on my face to know that someone I have never met reads this and like what I type)  I assume the good mood from the workout releases those all important endorphines in my brain but I also think there is another reason it helps.

  I don't think about anything while I'm doing hte workout.  My mind goes completly blank when I'm in the zone.  It's like meditating without all the "hmmmmmmm" and insence.

A blog I frequent talks about this very thing.  Within her post on meditation and the WOD she mentions "I hope you'll be happy to discover that you do not always need to sit quietly in order to unify your body and your mind. "   Those moments of absolute peace as my mind goes blank are my most cherished while doing the WOD.  Of course Michelle lists a few other example of how you meditate during your WOD, so check out her posts.  
So my advice to you all at peace when you're doing a WOD.  whether it's through silence...or yelling at yourself.  Either won't be thinking about whatever was stressing you out at work or home anymore....and that is peaceful enough.  

Wednesday:   Strength: 1rm Snatch    WOD:  800m run - 30 power snatches - 800 m run

PR ALERT!  I upped my snatch pr to 105lbs from 95lbs.  I was not super happy with this..but at least I'm going in the right direction.  I really have to work on keeping the bar close to me and getting underneath that bar.  GOTTA BE FAST   I completed the WOD with a weight of 85lbs in 11:30.  After starting the workout I realized I should have used 95lbs.  Who knew a power snatch is a ton easier than a full snatch?  

Thursday:  Rest day.  I have softball tonight but I may also try to run a mile to track a personal best in the 1 mile run.  


I have been doing great on my diet for 2-3 large meals and on all my snacks recently.  Yesterday I had eggs and fruit in the morning and then some pork and a salad for lunch.  It was delicious.  But then I had to head to Philly and my diet went to hell in a hand basket.  I had some Wawa chicken tenders and cashews for dinner then met my good friend at Rock Bottom in King of Prussia for a drink and baseball.  (Note: the food and beer is delicious at that place..check it out if you're in KoP).  I only had one beer but I did have some wings and picked at a sof pretzel.  Blah.   Gotta keep working!

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