Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eye of the Tiger...

I wish I could do a Rocky montage of me from the beginning of crossfit.  It would be epic.  I can picture some great music..me puking here and there.  Then a scene that starts with me only lifting a bar..then fades into a bar plus small weight...then a bar with more weight and so on til now.  We could even put an old skull cap on Mike or Molly and have them yelling at me "FASTER!  SPEED SPEED!" like Mickey.

That's it..I'm being Rocky for Halloween!  Karen..you can be Mickey.

On another note...I did 100 95lb thrusters!   That is a huge accomplishment for me as I usually shy away from those types of weights in long WODS.  I am getting better...and I'm getting better Faster than I thought I would!


Yesterday's workout was especially brutal.  It was another HERO WOD but not a "normal" hero WOD.  It was a Football Crossfit WOD named after Robert James Kalsu.  He was a professional football player who played for the Colts for a few years before joining the military and being deployed to Vietnam.  Sadly, he was killed in action by mortar fire.  he was an offensive lineman which is makes sense when you read the workout.  Note: this was in the top 5 hardest workouts I've ever done.  Absolutely brutal.

WOD (08/29/2011)

"Kalsu" (note..it was modified from the "actual" Kalsu)

100 Thursters
4 burpees on the minute, every minute until you complete your thrusters.

Time:  28:39  at 95 lbs

WOD (08/30/2011)

20 min amrap
10 T2B
169 m run with 45 lb plate

7 full rounds and 17 reps into 8th


Pretty good yesterday.  Got to the grocery store and got some Nuts and fruits for the day.  Forgot lettuce so I'm without my normal salad .  

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