Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trying a big boy workout

Although I've been doing crossfit for 4 months now, I still feel like the small guy.  In fact, the best way to describe my feelings are that I feel like the little brother of the gym.  I'm older than most of the competitor guys but I want to be like them...I want to compete with them...hell..I want to beat them.  Does this not sound like a little brother who wants to play with his big brother?

If you've seen the movie "Little Giants" I think of myself as Risk Moranis's character (Danny O'Shea).  His brother Kevin (played by Ed O'Neal) is a football star who excels at everything.  Danny just wants to be able to play with his brother but his brother just keeps beating him.  This sets up a coaching battle between Kevin's Cowboys and Danny's reject bunch of Giants.  In the end, the giants go on to win the game but not without an epic halftime speech.

 Of course, no one at crossfit610 has stopped me from doing a WOD with them but in my head I know that right now I can't do the same weights or complete the WOD in the same time as them. I look at Mike, Frank, Tony, Fox, Jake, Evan, Molly, Heather.... the list goes on... as role models...I want to emulate their actions at the gym.  They have all been doing this for longer than I have, and some of them have highly competitive backgrounds (Mike was a college wrestler, Jake a college Shot putter, Evan college football player, Molly a college soccer player ...).  The end goal of course is to beat them, not in an I want to beat my rival type of way..but more in a friendly competition type of way. I just want to be close to their level.  Think of Rudy..I may not be a starter on the team..but I hope to push the team further.  I hope they work harder to beat me someday.

Which is where the "little brother" feeling come from...I feel like I have to work my way to their level...they had a head start now I have to work even harder than them to reach it.  Have I worked harder than anyone on that list even close.  I should put some of the WOD's they do in this thing...i'd seem like a giant pussy.  But I am working...and hopefully one time I can compete with them at a workout.


Today Rest Day

Yesterday - 2nd round (playing with the big boys...modified of course)

9/11 throwdown without the row

11 - 36" box jump
11 - 125 lb thruster
11 - burpee c2b
11 - 125 lb power clean*
11 - HSPU*
11 - 1.5 pood kb swing*
11 - toe to bar
11 - 175 lb dead lift
11 - 115 lb push press

* means scaled.  Rx is 175lb pc, full hspu, 2 pood kb swing

time:  17:02

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