Thursday, August 25, 2011

One of the Reasons I Love CrossFit

Something happened during the class this morning that just reminded me of one of the reasons that I started to get into the whole crossfit thing.


The workout consisted of 21-15-9 of Chest to bar pull ups then 30 inch box jumps.  It is a workout I can do prescribed which is a main ingredient in what happens in my head.  A box member Frank was also at the morning workout.  For workouts workouts that don't involve weights I like to use him as a comparison.  (Note: I have never beat him on any workouts and prolly won't for a while.)  We started the workout on bars next to each other.  As the workout started we were neck and neck.  I found out very quickly that chest to Bar pull ups are a whole lever harder than chin over bar.  We finished 21 around the same time.   Then started the 15 round of box jumps where I got through a bit faster.  I started the pull-ups and  got through 8.  I did the 9th...but did not get my chest high enough.  So instead of moving on and cheating ....I set back up and tried again.  Fail.   Finally, on the third try, I super kipped and got my chest to the bar.  It cost me about  5- 10 seconds.  I started the box jumps at the same time as Frank and he was able to bang out all 9 a full second ahead of me.
Yeah this might be more motivating than competition..but not much!

Now, of course, I was pissed for a second but that was it.  I didn't care that Frank beat me.  Hell, I was proud of him for killing the workout.  I was proud of myself for hanging in there.  Without that little bit of competition I think I would have added 30 seconds, or more, to my time.  It was just the motivation I needed to keep going strong and finish the workout.  When I'm competing the only thing on my mind is the task at hand..never a thought of quitting, or what to have for dinner...just working hard.  That's it.

What motivates you and really helps you kill a workout?


No strength today..just a dynamic warm up.

WOD:  21-15-9  c2b pull-up - 30" box jump

I had about 6 failed c2b's but I think I redid most of them.  
Time:  7:51

Cash out:  30 reps of goat #1, 30 reps of goat #2, 400 m run.
I did back extensions as my goat 1 because I feel like it will help me with a bunch of workouts.  Then did hanging cleans as goat #2.   I only put 95 lbs on the hanging cleans and I did them pretty well.  Love the hook grip.   


Killing it!    Have not eaten anything horrible in the past 2 days.  Feeling great!  

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