Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday CrossFit610!!!!

Although I have only been a part of the CrossFit Community for about 4 months, I want to congratulate Mike and Molly on running a successful box for a year now!   While looking at the pictures this morning at the gym I can't help but be amazed at hoe much progress has been made by everyone at the box.  Huge quantities of fat has been lost and an even larger amount of confidence has been gained by the members.  To those have been with the gym for the full year, congrats on making it that long and on all the changes you've made in your life.  I can't wait to see where I am in one year.

There is a little bit of bittersweetness to today though.  It is trainer Mike's last full day before heading off to open a new box in Long Beach New York.  It's been truly a pleasure (and pain) to train with him.  The gains I've made would have been impossible without his guidance and support through the really tough workouts.  Thank you Mike for all that you've done for me and Karen.  

With that all said, I think we (the members of CrossFit 610)  need to work even harder to show Mike that he's leaving the best bunch of muscle heads in the country...and also to show that Molly is a better trainer than him.

In all seriousness, I know we are in great hands with Molly and Evan.  At least half of my progress can be attributed to Molly's tutorage.   I really wish Mike the best at CrossFit King of the Beach.  In fact I already know a day where I might be visiting his new box and I'm a bit excited to see what he's done there.


Strength:  3RM Tap and Go full squat cleans
WOD:     365 Burpees. (can do with a partner)

Strength:Well, I am both super happy and super pissed at what happened with the strength today.  The bad news: I could not do 155lbs 3 times in succession because my form when going down breaks down when I use heavy weights.  I wanted to punch the wall when I failed on the third rep of 155.    The good news:  my 1rm was 145 and I was able to do 2 reps of 155lbs. (I think my one rep max might be somewhere in the 165 range now, but it wont go on my list until I actually complete 165) I was also able to go full depth on the squat portion which is a HUGE breakthrough.  It takes some stretching before hand but it can be done.  So my finale completed max weight was 135.

WOD:  are you serious Mike?   So I did 185 burpees of our groups 365 (there were 3 of us).  We completed in 19:55.


Like my strength, my diet was both good and bad yesterday.  Had eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch...then went to my sisters for her birthday where we had fondue.  The fondue dinner was fine, shrimp, scallops, steak, chicken, brocceli...all great.  Then dessert came out.  Welp..there went that good day.  Had some cookie cake, some rice krispy treat...yeah...stupid.   Gotta work hard this week.

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