Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Don't Have to Worry About Drinking the Kool-Aid

One of the aspects ot Crossfit that I enjoy the most is the sense of community.  It goes well beyond those who are members of your box.  There are several events during the year which stress fundraising and awareness for very noble causes, a prime example is the 9/11 Throwdown (see the link in the upper right of the page or link .  
Don't have to worry about the Kool-Aid cause you're not allowed to drink it!

I have always been opposed to anything that had a "cult" like feel to it.  Friends tried to get me to hash which I think is more of a cult than anything.  They go into making funny names and make you embaress yourself by dancing in a circle or some non-sense like that (note: I have no idea what they do but I know it has to do with popping cherries).  I have never been a churchgoer as I'm not very religious and I hate how many (note how I said many and not all) religions endorse judging of others, which is something I can not stand.  But crossfit kind of just snuck up on me.  I know I can go to the gym and be surrounded by people who want to help me achieve my goals, even if it is just by yelling "come on!".

Some examples of the community are someone being genuinely happy for me after I could do a few kipping pull ups   Another girl yelling "PUSH!" as I was trying to do one of my first true ring dips.  I don't now these people well but that support was great.  It even goes to helping make sure proper form is being applied during lifts.  I was doing some push presses with a member the other week and he really helped me work on keeping my back straight to avoid injury.  And finally, we all know I am fairly weak right now compared to other guys but I have never heard a complaint for having to share a bar with me and take off and put back on has actually be quite the opposite as these guys always help me out and try to push me to new levels.

It is just another reason that I love going to the gym..


Strength: 40% x 5; 50% x 5; 60% x 5 Shoulder press
WOD   :  15 min amrap  5 thrusters, 8 pistols, 200m run

Strength:   This was a bit too easy for me.  I think I need to reset my 1 rm shoulder press.  I flew through these weights.

WOD:  I got 7 +13.  used 115 on my thrusters which I think was a good weight..could prolly go to 120 or 125 if I were to do it again just to push myself a bit more.   I started really slow but hit my stride in in the middle rounds.  I found that I am getting better at my resting time, but I need to push myself a bit more when going from something rigorous to a lift.  Control my breathing!

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