Saturday, August 6, 2011

There is always a time

If you diet regularly you have likely heard of the Glycemic Index.  In it’s simplest form, it is just a measure of the effect of carbs on blood sugar levels.  But why is that important?  It is important because if your body receives too much sugar and can not burn it off fast enough it begins to store it.  The method of storage is actually FAT!  I might be the only person on earth who did not know this..I thought the fat on my body was from eating fatty foods and that gets stored.  I don’t know if I could have been more wrong.  I was thinking..I’ll eat a bunch of gummy bears instead of mcdonalds…look they have no fat so they won’t add to my waistline..just might make me hyper.  D’oh!  
They are evil...pure delicious evil.  

Even paleo foods contain sugars so recently I have been trying to front load my day with the foods that contain the most sugar, specifically fruit.  On a recommendation from trainer Evan, I try to eat all my fruits before about 1pm.   If I do have fruit in the afternoon or evening, I try to make it a low GI fruit so that my sugar is limited.  In the past week it has really helped me take off a few pounds and makes it easier to sleep at night actually (both could be more cause of the exercise, but it couldn't have hurt).  Below is a good chart that shows the GI index for some fruits.


I have done something like 14 WODS in a row (to the gym 13 of the last 14 days)  so I am taking a big breather this weekend by camping.  Of course, I'll stay active with a light jog or some swimming but nothing rigorous, gotta let the body heal.

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