Monday, August 8, 2011

It Just keeps falling off!

Today marks the end of the 8 week "Best Shape of Your Life" Challenge and I have some exciting results...

I lost 9 pounds.  My total 16 week weight loss is 25 lbs.  I started at 187 pounds and am now at 163.

I list between 2 and 2.5 inches on every measurement
My chest was's now 36.5 (I think)
My stomach was at's now 34.5
My waist was at's now at 33.5

and I feel great. (I'll get the official measurements for you later)

I think the most important thing I've learned over the past 16 weeks is that it's not that hard to find time to workout and that eating well is just as important, if not more so, than working out.  Just because the contest is over does not mean I'm going to start eating like shit again...I will continue to follow the principles I learned during the process to try and continue seeing results.  I'd like to be a solid 155 lbs.  I have a LOT more work before achieving that goal.


Strength:  65% x 5; 75% x 5; 85% x 5+ on back squat then 
92% x 2 x 1; 94% x 2 x 1; and 98% x 2 x 1 on full squat clean

WOD: 10-R-9- R-8-R-7-R-6R-5-R-4-R-3-R-2-R-1-R
Where R=200m run and the reps are for a full squat clean

Strength I felt good doing the squats.  I need to warm up a bit more cause the first set it took me a lil while to find my depth. I was able to do 7 of the 85% weight.  For the squat cleans..I felt a lot more comfortable doing them.  Although my form isn't perfect, it has come a long way over the past few weeks.  Because 98% was hard to figure out, I just did my max and was fairly easily able to d the 2 reps.

WOD:  it took me 27 minutes and some change today to do the workout.  I used 120lbs on the squat cleans and it felt REALLY heavy once I got down to the 1 rep. 
oh..on saturday I was able to get in my 2000m row and got it done in 7:48 which is really good for me.  When I started crossfit, I was doing a 2:10-2:20 500m I'm averaging under 2 min on longer rows.  makes me pretty happy.  

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