Thursday, August 11, 2011


From across the room you see them.  As you begin your approach, you realize that you shouldn't be doing this, you don't care though.  The thought of putting it in your mouth is all that matters.  All thoughts of what you should be doing are gone, the only thing going through your mind is lustful thoughts. touches your lips and a feeling of euphoria sweeps throughout your body.  You can't help but smile as you ravage what is in front of you. The sweet tastes dance in your mouth, the smell lingers in the air.  As you finish, you feel completely satisfied....

That is until guilt sets in.  Should I have done that? (prolly not)  What will happen now? (might get yelled at by your trainer)  Was it worth it? (undoubtedly yes)  Then you can't wait to do it again.

You guys know I'm talking about food here right?

Cheating on your diet is something that happens.  You can not avoid it.  In fact, I will argue that you SHOULD cheat on your diet.  If you love a certain food, then by all means enjoy it.  But what you have to do is not over indulge.  If ice cream is your vice, then get a small cone, or a small sundae.  There is no need to get a 3 scoop cone and then follow it up with a large blizzard (who does that? ;-)   Use the food as a reward for putting in a  lot of effort for the week.  This isn't modern little league where you get a "participation trophy", which is just crap, you should only get a reward if you EARN it.  If you tell yourself that, then you will likely put in more effort so then the reward tastes even sweeter.


Dynamic Warm-up
WOD:  7 minutes to find max balance snatch; 3 min hand stand walk; 2 min max double unders

Dynamic warm up was an 800m run, 500m row then a lot of stretching
WOD:  It was the first time doing the balance snatch so there was a bit of a learning curve here but I got 105 lbs.  I think I could have done more but just ran out of time.

It was also the first time doing the hand stand walk.  That was  I did like it actually and I really wanna practice it a lot more.  I made it 41 feet.

Double unders I am starting to do a LOT better with.  I broke the 100 barrier and got 105 in 2 minutes.


I am reintroducing the diet section here because it helps me track it a lot better.  I cheated yesterday, but for good reason.  Karen and I went to Musikfest and trying to find healthy food there is near impossible.  Regardless, I did find steak on a stick at the "Made in Brazil" food booth.  It was delicious.  I followed it up with a soft pretzel and then a root beer float.  I did well with lunch and breakfast though.  3 eggs, apple, plum, chicken garden salad, and some cashews.  So all in all...I'm chalking it up as a win.

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