Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That's f&*$^ing SMART

Do you ever create goals only to realize they are unachievable?  Do you find yourself asking "Why didn't I get to my goal?  I worked hard, gave it my all and still came up short" .

Well, let's try to use an example of a goal I've set for myself in the past...any why it failed.


Goal:  To have a six pack.

I set this back in college and even did an ab exercise every night and played a lot of sports.  This was before I drank every weekend so alcohol wasn't the problem.  I went at my abs for like 2 weeks and saw NOTHING.  Sure the exercise was getting easier but who cares if I'm not seeing anything.  

Analysis of the problem

This failed because the goal was kind of subjective.  What is a six pack?  If I don't see it and others do, does it still count as being accomplished?   The second reason it failed was because of the time scale.  you noticed I said 2 weeks.  No one..not even the old creepy cut man on tv...can get a six pack in 2 weeks if they've never had one.  
Ok, maybe you CAN get a six pack in 2 weeks.

So how could I have made this a better goal?

Use SMART goals. It is an acronym for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely.

So let's see what I can make "get a six pack" into a goal that CAN be achieved.

S: I want to have defined abs.  Easy enough...Let's not forget what we want.
M: I have to decrease my body fat percentage... measurable using a home scale (even if not accurate, it sets a threshold)
A:  I believe this is attainable, my body fat is not out of control, but their is a layer of pudge.  Talk to friends to help determine if something is doable..they might now you well enough to shape the goal.
R:  Well it is relevant to my fitness goals.  It's not like I'm saying "I want to cure cancer" and then going to the gym to do so.
T:  I need to evaluate the amount of time it takes to accomplish this goal.  2 weeks was clearly not enough.  How about  a year?  or 3 months?  

Once you have determined that a goal is possible sit down and think about the same questions a journalist has to answer.  Who?  What?  Why?  Where?  How? 

Who can help me?  What do I need to do in order accomplish the goal?  Why do I want to do it?  Where can I go to accomplish it?  How will I accomplish the goal?

If you answer all these questions then you have a plan.  Go at your goal.  Remember why you're doing it and stick to your original game plan.  


Strength: 8 x 1 85% 1rm full squat clean
WOD: 5 min amrap "L" sit to 100m run; 5 min amrap 25 DU to 5 DB floor to over head; 5 min amrap 15 flat sit-ups 15 burpees.  3 min break between amraps

Strength:  Felt pretty good doing this.  I may have set the weight a little high to begin with and Trainer Molly wanted me to work more on my form so I lowered it.  It was a good call because as i lift heavier weights, the form is becoming more and more important.  I have to work on getting my elbows up and getting under the bar faster.

WOD:  L sits suck.  like a lot.  Like a whole lot.  I'm becoming better and better at my DU's and after banging out 61 in a row yesterday the 25 today were easy....well easier.  Once your arms start burning from the floor to overhead lifts..eek 25 seems like 100.  Also, I need to spend some time on my dumbell work, man that felt different and I felt weak.

Amrap 1 (L sit):     8.5 (the goal of this was to have a low number...I had a lot)
Amrap 2 (sit-ups):  3  even
Amrap 3 (DU's):    4+25 using 35 lb dumbells.  


After the crap food fest that was last weekend, I really got on track yesterday.  Had trout for dinner...it was the first time I've had it and it was delicious.  At well for lunch and breakfast as well.  Salad and eggs with some fruit and cashews as snacks.  

I turn 30 in 31 days.  I'm into my final month as a 20-something.  Typing that just depressed me.

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