Monday, August 29, 2011


Do hangovers have to refer to alcohol?  Yesterday I didn't have a single drop of alcohol.  What I did have though was a ton of sugar and a ton of sleep.  Too much sleep it seems.
Yeah..this was me on Sunday
This morning I just could not get out of bed.  Last week I had no problem getting up every day at 5am after going to bed at 11 or sometimes 12.  Last night I was asleep before 8.  Sooo 9 hours of sleep is too much for me.  Got it.

I think the moral of the story is to find the right amount for you.  I think 8 hours might be too much for me..and 9 hours is surely too much.   If it wasn't too much it is because I changed my pattern...bodies don't do change well.   Find the balance that makes you feel the best.  It might not be exactly what is prescribed by someone online.

WOD (08/28/2011)

Partner WOD:  While one partner works the other must hold a 2 pood kettlebell

25 double unders
50 135 lb dead lifts
50 push-ups
50 24 inch box-jumps
50 135lb floor wipers
50 1 arm db snatch
25 double unders

Justin and I split each for a time of 10:20.


Ummm.  Good and bad.  The good. Had a good breakfast, some fruit, and sushi for dinner.  The bad:  Well sushi is kinda bad too but add to that ice cream after dinner and some salt water taffy during the day.  So any good was totally wiped out by the bad.   A new week means new emphasis on least until the holiday weekend.

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