Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 7: Need a lil help from my friends

A HUGE congrats goes out to Lauriann and Tom, the wedding was wonderful and of course the bride looked amazing.  As an added bonus so was the food!  I actually ate really well and continued my no drinking streak in the face of an open bar.  More on the food below.


Does mowing my lawn count as a WOD?  no...didn't think so.  Even though I did not do a WOD I did have crossfit on the mind.  While Karen was out I spent about 30 minutes stretching my legs and back.  I am able to get lower each day but I need to get my own piece of PVC to do some other arm stretches.  

One of the tips I picked up while at CrossFit Norwalk was that shoes can make lifting heavy weights difficult.  Weightlifters use special shoes that provide less cushion than running shoes which can help keep you on your heels.  By staying on your heels you use are more stable and use the biggest muscles (upper leg) in your body to do a lot of the heavy lifting.  This can reduce injury and make lifting more weight possible.  I did a quick search for weight lifting shoes, and they are very expensive so I do not think I'll be making that investment anytime soon, but I do see more crossfitters doing heavy lifts barefooted.  

Menu from the wedding.  It was amazing.  I did not eat the first or second course, only the salad and the entree (surf and turf)
I need to make a correction on my points from yesterday, I ended up NOT having any wedding cake.  I'm picky and do not like chocolate cake so I did not have a piece.  This gives me 2 points for the meal yesterday.  Although I did eat more than 5 blocks of meat so I will take one off for that.  Here is where I need your help.  I originally took off one point for a champagne toast, but look at the picture you think that small amount of champagne should be worth -1 point?   Please use the poll below.

Is this small amount of Champagne worth -1 points?

Breakfast (3 points)
3 hb eggs (2 whites)

No lunch

Snack (2 points)
protein shake

Dinner (3 points)
Pork Chop
Broccoli cooked with a lil olive oil

Snack (3 points)
Strawberry smoothie with protein powder

8 hours sleep: +1
<5 hours between meals: +1

13 points on the day.  Not bad for a lot of time in the car.

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